Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Walking down the block at midnight

I could not stop eating these cherries! Was writing a wrap-up to our support group - we had about 8 in our group - and as soon as I finished my email, I went out to walk in the lovely starfilled night.

I had to walk off the cherries. They were not that good. Funny taste in some of em. I should throw em out. Readers? Can I do dat?

I did not wanna come in from the night!

Around 12 noon, yesterday, I finished my Blue Cross grant. IBX they call it. It would be a miracle if we get it. Hold on. I'm gonna pray.

Okay, fini!  Dyou think it's okay to ask God for money? Usually I just thank him for the good things in my life.

The entire grant app is done online. They leave you "blocks" to fill out, telling you how many words to write.

I realized I should fill in as many words as I can to plead my case.

A fellow named Mike Macrone from my accountant's office did the budget for me. So, after I submitted the grant, I wrote him a thank-you postcard along with my friend HAR and my mom.

The grant was particularly difficult as I had to upload about 7 documents. Where the hell were they?

They were spread out all over.

Form 990
Board of Directors
  Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Vladimir Putin, Arianna

Image result for arianna huffington   She's 66. 

As I walked down the street in my China-made clogs, I felt as if one of my legs was gonna separate itself from my body.

Ruthie, sez I, you'll have to write about this.

When the command comes, I obey.

Must I?


But I'm so tired. Really tired.

Ohhh, all right.


Darkness. No one about. Dogs settled down
on the softness of the rug, ears twitching
as they dream.

I pass by the resting bodies of cars. Coming very close
like a lover, but never do I touch. A few wayward
fireflies leap like a frog from the grass high into
the air.

What fer? Showing off for your lady love?
The black sky, dotted with stars and planets
covers us like a quilt.

I pause in the middle of the street
and stare upward. All the answers
are there. Beyond Jupiter.

Eyes closing, I step into the house.
What if? What if?
The planets took over my living room.
Floating like big bowling balls
Laughing, spitting out
gaseous clouds.

Grasping the railing, I walk to
my bedroom, change into
my nightie, and fall asleep
the moment I touch bed.

The planets and I
breathe in unison
like lovers.

Image result for jupiter planet

Monday, June 19, 2017

Kronic Renal is completed - Food for a Foodie - Poems: Dairy Queen and I Separate - Fireflies

Remember that guy Eric I wrote about?

He did indeed send me my letter stating the date I got Blue Cross Blue Shield. 11-1-2011. Now I can send in the paperwork to get this important card.

Diabetes is an expensive condition, not to mention deadly. Stay safe you darling little toes!

Tonite's goal was to collect all the papers and stuff em back in the credenza. All the important papers are in this Kronic Renal envelope.

Then I spent 20 minutes driving around trying to find Mailman Dante Aligheri - author of Inferno, Paradiso, and Purgatory.

Twenty minutes, but I did find him.

head-and-chest side portrait of Dante in red and white coat and cowl

Hello handsome, says his love Beatrice!

  Our Beatriz!


Who needs DQ when the Dunkin Donuts
is 7 minutes away. I pull in, backwards,
and saunter inside, in my khaki shorts
and striped top.

Help me, I ask the Indian gentleman
at the counter. He and his wife,
standing at his side, have been
married 33 years.

An iced coffee, I say, with flavor abundant.
"I hear caramel, mocha...."
"Mocha, please," I say. His wife
fills up the see-thru plastic cup.

Where is everyone, I say.
They've all gone home, says he.

Do you have any pretzel thingees? I ask.
Then mutter under my breath, no, that's

How about croissants, mon favorite.
His wife toasts it and I pour more
tip money in the jar.

Too cheap, I say. At this, he goes
nuts! Brings over two donuts -
No! I can't, I say, I have diabetes.

"These have no sugar," he says,.
bringing two replacements.

What a ride home I have!
Sucking on my mocha coffee,
listening to the memoir of
Philip Glass - he'll later
compose Einstein on the Beach

And dropping crumbs on my lap
from that astonishingly tasty
pretzel croissant.

Listen to Einstein on de beach here

Hey, I forgot to tell you! When I was having problems with my Verizon bill, I got this email.

Rahul Mehlawat has left a new comment on your post "Verizon Phone Bill - The Continuing Saga":

I like your post

Mr. John Harrobin is the former Chief Marketing Officer of Verizon


So you think homo sapiens
are complicated? We, with our
Dostoyevsky's, our Vladimir
Putins with the soft blue eyes,
and The Grateful Dead Hour
on XPN, long after Jerry has
been churned into ice cream.

They've come out of hiding,
the urge to mate is so strong.
Don't look now but they were
hiding under the backyard deck,
beneath the bark of the sycamore,
inside the BBQ grill in every
American's home.

I hail and salute them!
Bonne nuit, says I, as I
goes out on me front porch,
What a splendid night.
Not a single firefly out.

Would you make love in
the rain? Be patient,
little men. Your little
gals await. And
babes aplenty.

Blink on, blink off, blink on, blink off.


Count your blessings, Dear Reader.

Don't be shy. Send me one blessing.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Employment resources to help ex-prisoners - and also if YOU are a job seeker

The names used below are pseudonyms.

Mary Ann spent thousands of dollars to get her son released from prison.

David is living at home, but like most people, he wants a home of his own and most of all, a good job.

David has bipolar disorder, which did contribute to his felony, but his illness is successfully stabilized. In conjunction with his terms of parole, he sees a psychiatrist on a regular basis.

WHERE can David work?

At New Directions, founded in 1986, we have seen literally hundreds of people go to prison. Many do well in prison, gaining a new-found understanding of their behavior, visiting the library to expand their minds, taking courses, and even becoming religious.

In the early days of New Directions, a fellow named Abe came to the meeting. He was accompanied by his wife.

Abe told us he was 28 and had been psychotic - out-of-reality thinking - and had trespassed onto a neighbor's property. He let himself in the house through an unlocked back door and had made himself at home in the kitchen, eating and drinking whatever he pleased.

Fortunately, since they knew him, they didn't press charges.

Here are a few resources we recommend. Please check them out yourself to make sure they are reliable and trustworthy.

JEVS.  View JEVS here.

The above is a great place as we had a couple of speakers from the Jewish Employment Vocational Service.

On our ND website we list "Companies who hire ex-offenders."

Click here for Breaking the Chains of a Felony Conviction.

Below is Orleans Technical School in Philly, another excellent facility. Click here.

Also Goodwill. Click here for good ole Goodwill.

I found the following on the Internet.

Click here

This is a 35-page manual Pennsylvania Reentry Survival Manual written by Rutgers University in conjunction with the PA Department of Corrections.


A friend of a friend was imprisoned for five long years in a prison in Reading, PA. He did have bipolar disorder which was what got him into trouble. He was able to have his two children visit him in prison.

In prison, he learned how to become a barber, so he is now gainfully employed.


As you may know, I'm a poet and a writer. I recently wrote this short story about prison life - Straight Up to the Stars - which was published here.

Question: If the rain in Spain... I mean, Should we eat grain? - Poem: The Rain

Am working on my new short story, The Parking Lot Attendant, for the writers' group at 1:30 pm.

Sent my man in Ocean City, James Marshall of Fox and Roach, a telegram. Any homeless in Ocean City?

Okay, back upstairs witcha, Ruthie, and get going on your story.

I awoke at 9:30 am, looked out the bedroom window and was shocked to see it raining. Hence, me poem below.

"Hence" rhymes with the VP's name.


Click here.

No grain no pain book Gluten free

Dr. Peter Osborne, the least charming of all the foodies, presented a good case for not eating grains.

Guess what I had for breakfast.

In addition to my omelet, four Triscuits with cream cheese.

I did NOT enjoy them but had to do it bc of my food plan from my diabetes doctor.


Don't you love when you come home
from the shore, tan, fit, well-fed
and young again and it rains the next day?

From my bedroom window I looked out and
thought, Will the rain ever stop? I
wondered about the caladium with its
big floppy ears and blood-red veins
and if the hummingbird would ever
clobber its way over.

Not your problem, I thought. Whose then?
I looked over at my living room credenza.
Denis, Kevin and Dad winked at me.
Sweet memories. All gone home to
their destiny. Ever wonder
about your own?

Friday, June 16, 2017

Eric, I do hope you're real and will help me - Poem: Daylillies

Painted pink for three days, then the three houses will be demolished as part of a gentrification project in southern L A.

When I got home from Ocean City N J, my mail box, affixed to my house, was quite full. The horrid ad paper consumed most of the space and held open its arms as other material was lodged inside.

The one thing I wanted to be there was my letter from Blue Cross stating the date that I enrolled in the program.

One Jackie said she would mail it out. This was on June 6.

I called up again, preparing to be on the phone maybe 45 minutes. I turned off all sounds in the house and dialed.

The Customer Service no. was on the back of my card in miniscule print.

Dialed the no., which of course was the wrong one. Christine was gonna t'fer me. Please, I said, gimme the no. in case we're disconnected.

I wrote it down.

Before she ttransferred me, she began giving me a lengthy recitative about some crap, and when I could stand it no more, I hung up on her.

Boy did that feel good!

Now I got Eric. Would Eric be an idiot?

He was not!

He said he would do what he could to 'generate' the letter, but the more we talked, the more he decided to go to bat for me right up front.

He himself would write the letter!

Eric! For me, you'll do dat, mahn?

If indeed I do get the letter next week, I'll see what I can do to get the penny to read "In Eric we trust."

Oh, the things I told this man. I told him we just got back from Ocean City N J, that today was trash day, and that he should check FB as my story The Woman in a Coma would be published.

Well, it was not published!

I wrote the story two years ago. Simply everybody rejected it. I have wrin Roxana that perhaps I was mistaken but I thought it would be published.

Would you believe I told him I was gonna write a short story that takes place in Ocean City? I have it planned in my head and it's due tomro!

At Scott's tonite, we watched and slept thru THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA, an okay film with, in my opinion, an ethical dilemma akin to what Leonard Woolf faced when he married Virginia.

Yvette Mimieux is a tad childish after being kicked in the head, but George Peppard aims to marry her anyway.

Let's take a look at the stunning-ish Yvette.

Image result for yvette mimieux

75 today, she retired many years ago.


Saw a very moving film today at the H V Library called LION.

Chose a different style chair and my butt was killing me thruout the film.

Lion (2016 film).png   It's an Australian film that takes place in Tasmania.

That's Dev Patel up there who is reunited with his family from India. The little kid is himself as a child when he got separated from his family.

I knew Nicole Kidman was in it and learned after the film that she played his adopted mom. In reality his adoptive parents went to India and met his bio family.

Daily poem. Knew I must write this when I looked out window and saw the Kiernan's day lillies. Mine will pop in several days.
Image result for daylilies


The orange ones
have blossomed on
Kiernan's Korner

Long floppy petals
grin up at the sun
with tiny wisps
like Thumbellina's

The architect who
made them had a
playful sense
about him.

Stand close and
you'll hear the
Sssss of the tiny
creatures snuggling
against the fleur.

We know what they are
doing, but we mustn't
say it out loud.

Love is what they're
about. Far from the
rage of war and
lies and betrayal
beyond the sea.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Part 3 - Ocean City N J - Miss New Jersey Pageant

With toes like these, I should enter. I did once live in Englewood Cliffs, N J, One Loretta Court.

 Bought a new dress at a place called Bella's. Rachel was our saleswoman. She selected this $40 dress just for me. I look a little like an Eagles-loving bag lady. Rachel's going to law school at Penn State.
 The parking lot attendant was reading a book about the making of a TV show called Friday the 13th.

I wished I could go around and ask every single person who is on display, What are you reading?
 Begins the Pageant.
Marching band. Let's play some marching music. Here's four hours of marching music for ya!

 The above contestant has Down syndrome. Hey, if you haven't read my short story PALS, now is a good time.

Self promotion, you ask. Why not? Look at the pageant girls!
Wouldn't you love to step into that Bookmobile below? The books are arranged so they won't fall off the shelves. Some smart person thought of that.
 Promoting Fire Fighting!

 What would YOU wear if you were on parade?

Perhaps you'd like Edith Head to design something for you.

Image result for edith head costume

Holy cow! This is from our Michener Museum.

Don't you love these bike-riding cops?

 Scott loves this photo of a pirate and his parrot.
 I got a notion to buy a ring. NOTE: I do not wear rings. But, you know what? It's time to try new things out. I wore the ring on my ring finger to the Giant. Wanted to eat a healthy salad. I'd been eating all that rich food at the shore.

Finished my lunch - also had chicken noodle soup - and what happens when I get up to leave? The ring falls off and rolls along the floor.

Keep reading. 
 As we drive home from O C, these concrete posts dated 1934 wish us a safe journey home.

So now I've got the Starfish ring on my third finger. Below is a bookmobile. A very smart person figured out how to shelve the books so they wouldn't topple over.

Part 2 - Ocean City N J - Poem: Home from Ocean City N J

 Like pioneers arriving at their destination, Scott sets up Water Camp.
We take the coffee pot, fill it with water and put it in the fridge and fill up the water glasses.

Our first day there we ate at Augie's. We remember these places fondly. I ordered a breakfast burrito. Mmmm-mmmmm good! Could only eat half, so kept thother half out until "Hey Ma! I'm hongry!"

 Apologies! Cain't rightly remember if I showed you these pix or not.

First time Scottie and I came down to the shore we was gonna stay right here at the Serendipity B & B. As we pulled up we saw Watson's Regency Hotel.

The die was cast.
 Soft pastels.
All the sodas I will never drink.

Ada had a pool party one year. She served beverages like the above. I told someone to save me some, then I went over on the grass, drank the very last sip, swirled it around in my mouf - and - spit it out on the lawn.

So awful! Don't tell this to Ada but there's a huge meteor-like crater in her back yard where I spit the soft drink. They're still trying to fix the hole.

Best pizza I ever had. The Big Slice. You gotta buy a bottle of water and boy dyou get thirsty. Luckily Scott brought his water bottle.

Put this pic on Facebook and it was quite a hit. I said that many people think pizza should be eaten FOLDED OVER! Quelle ridiculosity! You can't taste a thing that way!

Strolling along the boardwalk, I decided to get a wee bit of dessert.

Macaroons would be nice.  When Cousin Lloyd comes to visit, he brings these colorful tasty ones. I chose coffee!!!  We sat in a covered pavilion with a view of the pounding waves.

 Hmm. Where to go for dinner? Got in touch with the realtor James Marshall from Fox & Roach and asked him, saying we've been to all the places on the b/walk, send us somewhere different but within a short distance of our hotel.

Luigi's. We walk to Luigis in Hunger Mode. Luigi's is closed.

Then we found Ocean City Cafe. Above is the table where we await our food. Here's my ravioli with five meatballs.

T H E   B E S T   !!!!!

Blogspot is really screwing up. They sent me an error message which I've never received before.

Is the world coming to an end, Henny-Penny?

I think it was Comcast that sent me the message below. Anyone understand it? 

If your e-mail provider supports it, Customize From Address allows you to make a one-off minor alteration to your From address without having to create a new identity in Account Settings. For example, if your From address is John Doe you may want to change it to John Doe or John .


Squwak squwak squak
Where's the sound of
the seagulls? Like
unwanted friends
they swoop around
the tourists begging
for crumbs.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!
Where's the rush of
the ocean waves, never-
ending day and night,
some folks die, Robert
Osbourne, Adam West,
Dr Seuss, but the
waves never do.

Kaboom! Pssshew! Hisssss!
Where's the alarming un-
nerving sound of the
amusement park rides.
And the screams of the
Gale Force riders?

Crackle of ice in the
fancy glasses, the
soft murmur of the
couple at the other table.
The hostess with her
"Sit anywhere you like."

Still, it's fun to
make my own food
at my own kitchen
table, with my own
mismatched plates
and utensils.

C'mon over and
sup with me!

Part I - Last Day in Ocean City N J - and Look! Home again Home again - Photos

Scott and I are slowly unpacking.

Just went over and he's watching the original Manchurian Candidate on TCM.  Laurence Harvey is acting like a robot, since he's been hypnotized by his Commie-loving mom. He's now visiting a former GF and her father - she is lovely - and Scott reminded me he's gonna shoot and kill both of them.

Image result for manchurian candidate      Hmmm. I dunno what the title means. Any ideas, Packers and Movers?

The later is a spam post I get twice a year.

After I got home, I drove to the Giant and had a nice green salad. Then I went to Mom's to deliver her the fudge and macaroons from Fralingers. The macs were dee-lish!

Image result for black narcissus   Scott was asleep in the Ocean City bedroom and I was watching Netflix on my laptop in the living room.

Black Narcissus was incredibly strange, but I did get into it.

Nick Mankiewitz said it had one of the scariest scenes in it.  One of the nuns was a seductress. She painted her face like a hussy and stared out at us.

Image result for black narcissus
She falls to her death.
 On the living room coffee table we finished off CURLY FRIES. The attached bucket is for ketchup.
 Scott forgot his hat so he bought an orange one at one of the many shops along the boardwalk.
 Here's our dining room living room.
Dining room table has my blue pill box I got in April 2011 after my kidney tplant.

 Got a pedicure at Bella Spa in Ocean City N J.

While my nails were drying, a fellow came in, nice looking man with a few tattoos, who was 49 yrs old.

He was getting his legs worked on. The wonderful and fragrant cleansing treatment that Lexi did so well.

His photo is further down. He would leave the next day to have abdominal surgery at University of Pennsylvania. He's got a huge aneurysm or something like that in his belly.
 Scott and I wait at Spatafora's. You sit in a tent outside.
"Blackened tilapia" with cole slaw and corny cob. Even the rolls were delicious. Warm. With butter.

 Scott ordered tuna steak, baked tater, and mixed veggies. Now I must tell you I do not like tuna steak. This, however, was a grreatt piece of fish, tender and juicy, like filet mignon.
Here's our friend from the spa. He and his wife and her two kids - his stepkids - were in line at Spats.

 Just your usual stroll along the boardwalk.

Heading toward Castaway Cove, one of two amusement parks in O C.

OMG!  Dyou realize how tired I am?

Here's what we do in a case like this.

We all it Part I.  And then we find a very cool place in the house - hey - this is good on the red couch - we train the fan on our hot body - and then we fall asleep.

I will be reading CHAIR YOGA and THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10.