Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Visit to kidney doc - New fave food - Shameka buys my chair - Poem: Here comes Santa Claus

Just got back from seeing my nephrologist, Dr Ghantous.

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I'm doing very well with Sarah's kidney. I sked my appts right after his lunch so I won't have to wait long.

We talked briefly about several things.

I always ask him what's new in the world of nephrology.

He said the FDA has approved stage three in creating an artificial kidney you wear outside your body. Lots better than dialysis.

I said I know you don't read books - he prefers watching TV when he goes home as he reads all day - but he is reading BOYS IN THE BOAT, and he made a rowing motion.

He said he does listen to audio books when he visits his brother and fam in New Haven. His brother is also a doctor, as his name came up when I looked for the picture of Victor Ghantous.

The waiting room was packed when I got there.

What are the problems the people suffer from, I asked.

I can only remember two now: Polycystic kidney disease and high blood pressure.

Coach Iris wrote me that she loved the card with poem I wrote her. It had a pic of a Scottie dog. So glad she - a fab poet - liked my poem.

Went for a walk this morning as I wanted to write a FB poem about what Xmas decorations look like during the day.

They look mighty strange. Here's what I came up with.

I realized it ended on a relatively unhappy note but then I said That's okay.


Round the block I go
under the mid-day sun
no snow yet
shocked at what's
become of the
Xmas decorations

At night our street's
got a charming pizzazz
a higher-than-thou
Santa, sleighs filled
with toys, as little
baby Jesus rocks in
the cradle poised
to take over the

Now, hands sunk
in pockets as I
grapple with the cold
everything inflatable
has collapsed on the

See them lying
hopeless, helpless
miserable until
boing! The timer
raises them from
the dead.

 Crunchy corn tacos filled with cheese and spinach. Crunchy, that is, for the first two days. Then you must have several a day to preserve the crunch.

Oh, it's perfect, said Shameka when she saw the chair up in my writing room. She'll use it as a decoration in her new salon in Center City.

I'd originally advertised it on Craigslist for $50 but she asked if I'd take $30 which I was thrilled about. Not a single person was interested in it. Had posted it about 6 weeks ago. Gotta remove it right now.

She thought it was really light to carry down the steps. 

The salon hasn't opened up yet and has a name something like StarFire.

Way to go, Shameka!!!

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  1. This is RZD. I used the name Shameka in my new short story PALS.