Sunday, December 25, 2016

My 71st birthday - Lovely cards - Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks - Scott's Gifts - Poem: Christmas Morning 2016

Thanks for remembering me, Moe, Terry and Nick Pointer. Great people from Glenside PA. Terry was born in Uruguay.

 Dave Deming from Houston, TX.

Pat and Ian Kiernan on the High Hill cattycorner from me.

Carly and Charlie Brown sent this tiny adorable card along with a a What-we're-up-to Note that was quite interesting. Charlie is helping kids learn to read in Inner-City Schools.

Dragged my exhausted self from bed at 10 and made my peppered omelet.

Why I was up so late. Watched the film Boyhood, over three hrs long. At first I didn't like it, but was desperate to watch something after finishing A O, the great and mysterious.

The film captured modern-day individuals and how they communicate or don't. Their body language, numbness, enthusiasm or lack thereof.

Outstanding were Ethan Hawke, Eller Coltrane and Patricia Arquette, as the single mom who finally triumphed at the end.

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Scott came over early and said he could NOT get on Netflix cuz "everyone" was watching.

So he watched a history documentary on YouTube.

He's leaving for work tonite at 7:05 pm so I've gotta go over and pay attention to him. Maybe we can go for a walk. It's about 47 degrees outside.

 Stopped off at the Demings to give MomMon a poinsettia from Kremp Florist, half price. Drew himself got me two gorgeous plants, half off.

Since the party was cancelled, I dropped it off and Max waited on his chair to say goodbye to Bubby. I have four Little Golden Books I bot for them at the Giant.
 Ada gave me this lovely leopard-print sweater from Chico's. Here I am at the Huntingdon Valley Starbucks wearing the sweater after ordering the Peppermint Mocha Coffee with my $5 gift card from Jade's baby shower.
Emily and Nick remembered my sister. I posted this on FB. It's important to make people happy.

In the car I'm on the 14th and last disc of The Lilac Girls.

We're now in Berlin and gonna confront a female doctor from Ravensbruck concentration camp who performed terrible experiments on the legs of Polish women. It's quite exciting.

 Ya know what I've done? When I finished my Starbux coffee, there was a thin residue of chocolate on the bottom. I filled up the cup with boiling water.

Almost done. Almost done.

 Told Scott I wanted to read short stories by John O'Hara. It was the last copy at B & N.

Plus a $25 gift card from the one and only.

We're gonna walk at the Pennypack now.

Didn't write a FB poem, so lemme try one now.


Eyes still closed
I awake and imagine
we're all together

I can feel the energetic
vibe of Daddy, the presents
are wrapped and sit before
the mantel on Marlindale Road

Is this the day I get Hoppy,
my stuffed rabbit or perhaps
the little stove with the
creaking white door that
opens and closes.

I refuse to thank Mom,
we're in a power struggle
but when she brings it
out the following
week, I smile and thank
her, thinking of all the
foods I will bake.

Gramma Lily's kuchen and
cinnamon buns, sweet and
sour lentil soup

Many of us have died. But
look at me! Still here.
Daughter, Mother, Bubby,
alive and performing
in my yellow house on
Cowbell Road.


Just got home from a Walk in the Pennypack.

Added some grasses to my collection on the kitchen window sill.

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