Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Voting Day 2016 - two poems: Voting Day - The Deer on the Side of the Road

 For dinner I had

Cabbage soup and veggies. Yin Liu came to visit thother day and brought me a Chinese cabbage.

For dessert,

Blubberies pecans and vanilla almond milk.
 Instead of watching the Election Results, I'll either read one of my, oh, five books, or watch movies on Netflix. I can't go on YouTube as they'll show voting results.

Then around 11 pm, I'll click The New York Times.


At the high school
There were 6 pair of
feet under the curtained
voting booths

When I stepped inside
the light went on and I
studied the canvas spread
out before me.

I didn't wanna make a
mistake, would you?

My head was clear, not filled
with poetry from Billy Collins'
latest book, The Rain in

Nor was I thinking of Mrs Danvers
perishing in the fire in the
film Rebecca

"Vote Party Ticket"
blared one of the many
buttons. I cautiously
shifted my eyes down to
the lower right

it would all be over.

My hands were chapped as I
forgot to smooth on Barb Toohey's
Butter Cream or whatever it's called
that I keep on the husband's side
of the bed

My stomach rumbled as I hadn't
eaten breakfast yet
I double checked my votes
as I did for the spelling bee
back in Shaker


And the curtains opened magically
like in the Wizard of OZ
And I walked triumphantly down
the stairs of the high school
where my boy used to go

And said to our wonderful Republican commissioner
May the best woman win!



Bubby, why are you leaving? asked Max.
My cabbage soup is ready.
Mine was in the slow-cooker, just
as his mom's was in theirs.

Bubby! he said, hugging my knees
when I walked in. Sit beside me
on the couch and we'll watch
All About Trains on Netflix.

Look what I have for you, says I
reaching into my back pocket.
He doesn't like stickers but
Grace, drawing a self-portrait
in the dining room, thanked me
and slipped the Trolls through
the cellophane.

Going home I bounced
over the train tracks
and remembered saying
to Max, I thought of you
the other night when the
half-moon was out.

The Moon for Max.

Coming home along
Edge Hill, I couldn't
believe my eyes. A
deer was trotting like a
dog along the side of
the road.

What mystery
what majesty lay
in that sight.

Stay safe, cocoa-
colored deer, stay

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