Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner at Dan n Nicole's

 I had a long night ahead of me as I was gonna make a bread and refrigerate it, then to complete the baking in the morning.

First, tho, I wanted a spectacular treat. I stood over the PUDDINGS for 10 mins trying to decide. They were unknown quantities to me, the Flan, the Hershey's Chocolate Pudding, filled with junk, so I finally took myself to the bakery and bought this apple-filled dumpling.

Whenever I go there I think of my late friend Winnie who wanted me to bring her some tea biscuits. We sat on the porch of her sister Tony and munched em with tea.
 On Thanksgvg day, the dough had risen to the top of the bowl. I punched it down.
 It rose in the oven.
My work table. Learned from Nicole later on that the Ikea table is 14 yrs old. First it was her brother Sean's when he lived in Phillly. Then it passed on to Nicole. Then to me, replacing the green table the Travis family left.

 Bubby! cried Max the moment I walked in. What a great feeling!
I like your ponytail, I said.

 We're playing Musical Chairs.
 We let Max win a couple of times....
 Hello, cute one!
But later I was out for blood. And won from Dan!

I was roaring with laffter.

 Barb took a video and put it on FB.
 Apple Lattice Pie.
 Pumpkin Pie.
I had both with vanilla ice cream. Punkin was my favorite.

What's that I'm listening to now?

Live at Lincoln Center with Pianist Lang Lang. Rufus Wainright had sung a love letter to NY. The lyrix ended with something like AND LOVE YOKO. Gorgeous song.

A guy was singing with great feeling. Who he? They get their mouth into wide open positions to have the sound come out right. Kurt Elling.  49.  Put him on my wish list. I wish he'd come over for dinner and sing for his supper.

 Was trying to get a pic of Ole Man Blank. For some reason he wanted to hang around with me. Unusual.
 Dan's new $8 video game.  I played it.  It's 3 D and did quite well.

Hello Dan. He and Grace were playing one of their tag me games around the house. He lifted her high up, then brought her down, nose to nose. Never have I seen such love between two people. He's 40, she 6, going on...

Today I ran after Mailman Dante THREE TIMES. First was a deposit to ND from someone who works at Merck, two checks. Wanted to mail it as I had just send $10 cash to Pennypack Trust.

Second was a postcard that was still wet with blue paint.

Third was a thank-you card to Nicole for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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