Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Poem about Pennypack Trust called PASTORAL SYMPHONY


Only yesterday I visited Pennypack Trust
the nature center around the corner
Was it my imagination or were
all the living creatures sobbing?

Crows, robins, bluejays in the
highest tree tops carried on
as if there'd be no tomorrow

Herds of deer had ceased to
mate this rutting season or
rub their latticework antlers
against unprotected bark

Instead they pointed their
heads and big brown eyes skyward
and howled up to the heavens

I sat myself down on some crunchy
autumn leaves and bleated like the
Rosh Hashanah shofar

Yes, we all knew. Animals and
living things across our great
land knew a Holocaust awaited us.

Until then, next January, the
20th to be exact, we'll pepper the
land with votes to help climate change,
acid rain, which ruins this forest,
and hope the blinded deniers will learn to see.

Was listening to the classical music station, WRTI, and they were playing Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony, which is how I got the name for today's FB poem above.

Brewed a cuppa coffee this morning to help me think, or so I believe.

It's the SnickerKicker from Coach Iris.

Gee, I wish I had a preface like "coach."

Any suggestions?

Other coffees I like are Gevalia, Maxwell House, Starbucks and a couple others on my coffee shelf.

 If you'll excuse me now, am gonna go upstairs to my writing room, there to compose a couple of poems and submit.

Oh, am gonna write a Letter to the Editor also, which will begin, "In these turbulent times I would like to praise...."

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