Sunday, November 20, 2016

My niece Jade's baby shower - Poem: Father's Blanket

Jade is an amazing young woman. Mom, Ellen and I drove down to Doylestown where the shower was held at Pocos Mexican restaurant.

Coming home, I had to drive in the twilight and then the dark, but I made it. Wore my driving glasses.

Here are some pix.

 I felt Jade's tummy. The little girl-child was asleep.
Mom looked terrific! Mexican food on her plate, which she very much enjoyed.

 Delicious food! I sippped on my niece Nikki's Sangria. And later on some Diet Coke.

Was on my stationery bike for a total of an hour and got my sugar down to normal.

Watched Channel 12 where Wayne Dyer told a famous story about a monarch butterfly. Wayne meditates for an hour at a time, even at red lights.

But now I'm munching on Triscuits.

Watched a terrific show while on bike. Robbie Robertson was interviewed by Warren Zanes. Great stories he told. From an Indian rez in Canada where his mom lived, he grew up hearing stories. He asked Martin Scorsese to film The Last Waltz.

Here's his song Broken Arrow.

Hello new friend Ina from Australia. She lives in the same condos as Lynnie, who will be called Nana.

Told Ina - pronounced Eena - that my camp counselor was named Ina. I still have her pic from Camp Cardinal in Rome, Ohio. Taken with my Brownie camera.

Hello JoAnne. She's been losing weight steadily. How we admired her!

 Hi Ellie Belly. She ordered a bloody mary, like Dad used to drink.
I love the smell of Sterno, which keeps the food warm.

 I came close to guessing correctly the no. of Hershey's kisses. Gave the jar to Sister Lynn. I was so shocked that I won.
Who is this, I whispered to Lynn.

Roger from Milford, N J.

His new wife was there along with daughter Maxie.

Sorry I didn't get their photos. Veronica, Mile's GF, was also there from Jersey City, NJ. Ellen said Jersey City is one of the best places to live. View Times story here.

When Dad worked at Majestic Specialties - he worked in Cleveland and then NYC - they had a factory in Jersey City, as well as Ridgefield, NJ.

Right, Dad?

 Ina gave her some terrific gifts including this book called The Penderwicks.
This organza dress was worn by Jade as a baby. Nana bought it for her. My mom brought over a lotta baby close she was saving.

Mom is ecstatic that Jade's having a baby.

I think this is Lynn's gift to her daughter. My check for $10,000 is in the envelope.

We designed diapers. Maxie won.

I wrote, Thanks for diapering me, Daddy.

Another game we played was What's in your purse?

Have a cupcake for dessert! They're from a sweet shop in Peddlar's Village.

This is me now. Freezing outside and quite windy.

I keep a rain hat in my trunk which we clamped on Mom's head.

She did quite well, not falling, until we got to her house.

She got outa the car and was leaning on her walker, when she began to tip backward, but luckily landed on my car door.


Here's my FB poem of the day.


When dad lay dying
his older sister, my
Aunt Hy, mailed him
a blanket. The head
of a tiger roared
in silence as if to
chase the deadly
cancer away. Apparently
it doesn't work that

Last night I'd forgotten
to turn on the heat - it
was 54 when I awoke - but
Dad's blanket kept me
warm. Every stitch is in
place, the material as
new as the day it was

Like my father, wherever
the hell he is. Nowhere
I suspect.

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