Monday, November 14, 2016

Gwen Ifill is dead at 61 of cancer - Trump continues to be vilified - See John Oliver Show below - Poem - Bright New Morning

When I'm at my Monday job at the assisted living facility, I bring my own healthy salad but the CEO told me I can eat their food free of charge.

Chose this Monte Christo Sandwich, French toast with ham and cheese on the inside. Brought half of it home. I also have two cups of tasty coffee.

BUT when I drove home I was so exhausted I thought I would fall asleep. I never would, tho.

When I eat there I sit at various tables chatting with the people. 

My topic today was the President Elect. None of us likes him. I printed out a bit about Trump and his five children, including youngest Barron, age 10. He lives in The Trump Tower in Manhattan. One of his toys is a mini-Mercedes which he drives around.

Was napping at Scott's, fell asleep immediately, and when I got home, I saw the terrible news that Gwen Ifill had died at age 61.


Gwen Ifill is one famous personality we will all deeply miss.

I ran back to Scott's and told him the news. He also felt terrible. Then I called Ada and told her. Rich was in the background and we talked about her absences but that when she returned she looked fine.

  1. She was in hospice. Sixty-one. I said that's the age many people die of cancer. My dad was 59. In fact when I listened to the weather this morning and they said 'it had climbed to 59 degrees," I immediately thought of my dad.
I have no idea now to remove numero uno up there.

We watched the PBS Evening News Hour which was dedicated to Gwen. She was deeply religious. The pastor of her A.M.E. church was there. Generations of Ifills went there. Her dad was a preacher. The family had come from Barbados.

You were always on view if you were the PK - preacher's kid.

She and Charlayne Hunter-Gault, her dear friend, both were PKs. Chalayne had worked for PBS News Hour but left to go to Johannesburg  with her second husband. Read about Charlayne's first marriage to a white man.

Never did it mention on the News Hour that Gwen was struggling with cancer.

The NY Times updated their earlier obit and said she died of uterine cancer. 

My late friend Simon was 68 when he died of cancer - lung and brain. My first unpublished novel is based on his life.

Image result for oak trees  
That man liked nothing better than planting trees.

Hello Simon wherever you are!

Ada told me about a clever video John Oliver's Last Week Tonight.

View it here on YouTube.

Before I left for Symphony Manor, I wrote a poem.


Cheese omelet and I ate beneath
the blue sky, saluting the flowers,
the robust daisies and spreading
lantana whose color palate rivals
that of Matisse.

Inside, an orchestral piece by
Fani Mendelssohn, brother of
Felix, blasts in the kitchen, delighting
the potted plants

Everything sings on this
bright morning. Fani and
brother Felix, I hasten to
say, both died before 50,

reminding us, DO IT!
Do it today. Write those
letters to the ones you
love. For one day you
too will be but a memory, in
God's date book.  

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