Sunday, November 20, 2016

Denis Hazam passes away on November 18, 2016

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He helped thousands
with his bipolar support group
his wife Fran at his side

Lithium ruined his kidneys
dialysis was his fate
think of him when you

pass a DaVita Center
and how lucky you are

We talked frequently
his spirit brimming
with hope. Frankly,

I thought he'd win
each new battle, which
came as swiftly as

falling leaves in autumn
They came for dinner
one summer day

Such honor I felt
as I dished out
salmon on yellow plates

Denis Hazam. You will
always be my hero. All
the invasions and operations
on his body were worth it.

For he so loved the world.


Wrote a note to my support group.....

Denis Hazam died the other day of complications of dialysis. He was about 75.

He and his wife, Fran, ran a Bipolar/Depression support group at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania. They helped thousands of grateful people.

Denis - and also Fran - worked at the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Lithium ruined his kidneys. He had a kidney transplant via a cadaver and was fine for about 8 years. Then an infection set in and he needed to go on dialysis.

Fran Hazam asked that he be remembered by doing an act of random kindness to a stranger.


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