Thursday, November 3, 2016

Barry Bush Gets New Kidney - Race with time about reading Rebecca - The Chicago Cubs take the World Series - Poem: The Wait is Over

Barry Bush was on dialysis for two long years. Read my post about him here.

All day I was thinking about him and quite confident in his team at Einstein Medical Center. View transplant team here. 

I know every single one of these people. 

His wife Cynthia just wrote an update:

Barry is in icu now and on breathing machine so he cant talk or text .He's doing better now and kidney is working good.

As I was telling my friend Hazel, when you get a cadaver, they do not tell the recipient who the donor is. Dunno why that is.

But they encourage you to write a thank you letter. I remember this when I used to drive to Einstein for my check-ups.

One of the ways Barry kept his sanity was by constantly staying on Facebook with photos of his garden or inspirational messages.

But I had my work cut out for me today.

Image result for rebecca book   I had to finish the book Rebecca by Daphne duMaurier by 2:30 pm today for our book club.

I kept falling asleep, so finally I brewed a cup of strong Maxwell House coffee - thank you Donna K- and read the book in many places.

First in Scott's living room, then on my back porch on Judy D''s porch furniture.

Arrived at the group half an hour late.

And, I checked out more books by DuMaurier.

Once you love them, never let them go.


The 108-year-old wait is over
blares the Times about
the Cubs
An even more important wait
is over for my friend
Barry who blares over
the land "I'm the primary"
and off to Einstein he goes

I call my pharmacy this
very morn, 215-784-1960
extension 8. Gentle-voiced
Raj is on the line.
More tacrolimus, I
say, about my antirejection
med, and tell him
about my friend BB.

It's a sunny day in
Philadelphia as the
doctors steady their
hands that rarely view
the sleeping body
only the computer screen.

I know. That was once me.

God smiles down
from the heavens
and pantomines
To Everything
there is a reason.

Or was it Qoheleth
the Preacher?


What a great victory for the Chicago Cubs after 108 years. Read report from the Times. I watched every minute of the game, except when I fell asleep and hadn't realized it had rained.

But that's Cleveland, for you, my hometown.

What should I have for dinner, I asked Scott.

A delicious stir fry with cashews for protein.

And now I've gotta submit some of my work with a November deadline.

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