Thursday, October 27, 2016

The always popular Uncle Dave visits from Texas

 Dave drove Mom and Ellen to Tanner's Orchards.
After a delicious meal of Lasagne made by Ellen and a salad I brought, we had ice cream and plenty of it.


 I added the Bark to my Black Raspberry Ice Cream
And the strawberries
Dave loves his job in Crockett, TX, the homestead for the Deming Family. He's a vocational rehab counselor.

Mom was resting downstairs. Actually she was knocked out from her cough syrup. You're very resilient Mom I said.

When she heard Dave talking she said he sounds a lot like Dan. He'll hang out with Dan tomro.

They're first cousins, once removed.

Sarah gave me lovely postcards from The Cloisters. Am not able to load photos on FB, so I'm bring the entire blog to FB and see if that works.

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