Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ortho Boot Off - 2 Poems: Look-alikes and Day of Atonement

 Woke up at 5 am, did a little reading - Harmony - came down and made breakfast while dawn was breaking. I used the fluorescent light which has been in the house since I moved here in 1989.

My FB poem is Look-Alikes. I'd wrin the idea in the car so wrote it this morning after I returned from Produce Junction with my Halloween deco's, all for $11 cash.

What a great film. The commentary was amazing. Learned who Michael Shannon is. The director is Ramin Bahrani, an American-born Persian.

Made a quick trip to Hair Cuttery where a great song was playing. Dana said it was Foo-Fighters, where the drummer of Nirvana is the lead singer.

Scott drove me to see Dr Bruce Bruskoff. Off came my enormous boot and on went a smaller insert. I just now unpeeled it in bed, after watching Frontline, the horrific story about ISIS - and Syria, Russia bombing Syria after pretending to ally with us - ISIS stepping out of the Middle East to Paris and finally the US -  which has so many layers and turning points it's not only hard to follow but seemingly impossible to stop

Wearing the boot has caused my hip to ache, a common problem said beautiful blue-nailed Debbie.

Ache is an understatement. I just found hip exercises on YouTube which I just did.

Oh dear, Charlie Rose is discussing the election upstairs. Gotta hurry up there to turn it off.

Enough already!


While driving
have you ever
wanted to stare
hard, at the
people in the car
behind you?

There's always a
reason. He's handsome
and wearing a beret
she's so tall her
head grazes the

This time it appears
that a mother was
driving her teenage
daughter. How they
showed their love!

Laughing, looking over
at one another, nodding,
the woman had short hair
like mine, her daughter
hair that fell to her
shoulders like rays
of the sun.

Was I a good mother
forty years ago? Nothing
can be redone, you know.

How will they feel about
me when they lower me
in the ground?


God or no God
Creator of the Universe
Creator of all the things I love
huge Halloween pumpkins
with thick twisted stems
Trees with scaly bark that
glows orange at sunset
Did you mark that Woody
Woodpecker tapping for
juicy insects?

Did I say creator of sunsets? Only
you can create such
beauty, and photographs
of all the departed
atop my desk. Dad, of course,
that awesome Marine who bragged
"I'm tough as nails,"

Kevin with his fisherman's cap, Valerie
as brilliant as she was psychotic
and Charlie across the street,
who I joined outside on their
inviting porch, pull me up
a green CVS chair the
bugs like to sit on.

The way the mind works we
atone every day. Shall I say
"I'm sorry to the orthopedic
boot I finally got removed, today?
There there, tough little foot
- ah, what's more lovely than
the toes, miniature hands,

Have I mentioned the taste of
ice cream, Dear Lord? What I
don't understand and please
don't bother to explain, is that
everything - the ice cream, the
sunset, the people of the earth
live only in the present and
then click off as if they never
were here, never had a chance,
never to see the bounty of a
glorious, cruel, devastating world.

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