Friday, October 28, 2016

Just got off my bike after attending the Coffee Grounds Group - Poem: A Whisper

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 Kimberly Ruby said on FB she was making baked apples for tonight. Sure enough, there they were, studded with raisins and cinnamon.

There also was a terrific band there. Hold on, lemme go back on FB and find the name.

Emmanuel Ohemeng III in Perpetual Motion. The band members are very young.

At half-time, I spoke to Manny's girlfriend, Stacey, who had beautiful long dreadlocks.

All I wanted was one good conversation.

I pulled out my insulin pen and asked her, Dyou know what this is?

And that was the start of her story. 

It concerned a man about seventy who lost one of his fingers and two toes due to this insidious disease!

As I told Kim Ruby, I went against medical advice, refuse to wear a contraption on my still-broken toe, and ride my bike to lower my blood sugar.

Shall we check now and see what it is?

96 - perfect.

I brought home a cup of hot coffee.

Before I went in the house, I sipped it slowly under the stars.

Is there a poem in this?


This was my dinner. Multi-grain thin spaghetti, sauteed shrooms, spag sauce and cheese and parm cheese.

Dr Joel Fuhrman - the biggest money-maker for WHYY - said that tomatoes with their micronutrients have properties that prevent cancer. And he cited the facts.

Sarah got me some postcards she bought at The Cloisters. Uncle Dave was the liaison - not dangerous tho - and I mailed em all out this morning.

I kept the Baby Jesus with the Apple and it's residing on the bulletin board in my upstairs office. Perhaps he will inspire me to write really good things.

Altho Jesus looks quite modern, the "paint on wood" was done in the 1400s!

Two years ago I visited the Cloisters. I made a mistake and thought I was going somewhere else. View blog here.

Gotta work on two short stories for our writing group tomro. The Blue Door and The Missing Girl.

Although I've written two unpublished novels, I decided to write a third for November's Novel Writing Month.

Was gonna refine my second novel, in which my late friend Wendy was a fictitious character.

Got a new idea to write a children's book, based on the adventures of Grace and her little brother Max, my grandchildren.

Twill have elements of fantasy in it.

Came up with the idea while reading REBECCA this morning. Fascinating how ideas arrive, n'est pas Athena?

Image result for athena from head of zeus   Oh, my aching head! It's worse than one of those "pot" headaches.


Rid thyself of
things you do
not need

They are heavy
as I march them
into the back seat

Books and more books
for the library,
a Random House dictionary
Cooking with Wine
Virginia Woolf's
mysterious The Waves
which, when the voices
came back, drowned herself
at fifty-eight

Impact Thrift will
will swallow, like Jonah,
a Black and Decker Coffeemaker
two made-in-Ghana African
statues that will fetch five
dollars apiece
and a lovely checkered
too-tight blouse

I'll keep a tiny battery-
operated light from Walter
born in 1918, who's gone
off with his adopted
family in Germantown. His
memory, he will never know,
resides like a piquant
lemon, in my mind.

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