Thursday, October 6, 2016

How hard is it to read for hours and hours? - Mused Bella Online publishes many of my works - Poem: Elinor's Bowl

First of all, I drank several cups of Maxwell House Coffee. Made it too strong so I adulterated it with honey.

Spent a couple of hours at Scott's reading downstairs while he watched TV upstairs.

I was really determined to finish before the book group at 2:30 tomro.

ALL THE LIGHT YOU CANNOT SEE was lyrically written using unusual language, imagery and filled with many surprises. Every sentence was a gem

Am now relaxing with a new type of pretzel - Natures Promise - and unsalted peanuts.

Spoke to my friend Denis today who is living at Watermark at Logan Square.

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I emailed him the real confessions of Nat Turner.

This black slave who concocted a revolt against his master was not only hanged but retaliation was swift against other

Turner was a brilliant man who easily learned how to read and speak eloquently.

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Even tho I drank coffee, I did fall asleep on the couch at Scott's. Will hobble upstairs in boot after this and hope I can fall asleep.

After a clump of rejections and feeling very badly about them, I decided to check Bella Mused Online to see if it had been published.

Indeed it was with loads of my work on it.

Fiction: The Coyote and Wait Till Your Father Gets Home.

True stories: The Missing Book and The Red Pony

What poem would I write about on FB?


Favorite neighbors
she and George left
for "the old ladies home"
as he called it a good
ten years ago.

They gave me a choice of
things they left behind.
My car sagged with the
things I lugged home,
all of them thrown out
except her bowl and her
hurricane lamp that lights
the darkness of the basement
with a snappy click.

Her beige-colored bowl has
tiny cracks, fine as varicose
veins, or the slow breakage
of the mind's descent when
dementia's ripped her
brilliant brain to pieces.

George, too, who fought in
the Pacific, followed his
lady love.

Best to remember the time
I visited, sat in the dining
room munching on a tuna sandwich
on toast, her cooking days were
over. They were not young.
And now, they simply
are not.

The dearest man ever!

Discovered he died when he stopped sending out 'silly forwards.'

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