Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Graduated from Willow Grove Physical Therapy - Poem: Peek-a-Boo

Quick snack before the ND meeting. Timer set for 25 minutes.

Today, I graduated from physical therapy! Ann was my terrific therapist. Amy helped  out a little today. When Amy liked something I said, she said, "I like that!"

I drove over hill and dale getting there exactly on time. For once, I had to wait.

The ole man sitting next to me was black and blue. His walker sat in front of him and his daughter Janice from Plymouth Meeting who drove him there was next to him.

I started the conversation off with, "Oh, my boyfriend loves Clive Cussler!" The guy was reading a hardback, checked out of the library. His wife Phyllis was having therapy for vertigo.

Clive Cussler is really old, I told him. Somewhere in the mid 80s I said.

Let's check now.

Image result for clive cussler  He's 85.

I'll call my new friend Art. Can't for the life of me remember his name. I'm not old, but I'm older.

I gave him the names of other crime fiction books, esp. Lee Child, who he'd never heard of. We chatted away.

At one point I asked him what kinda work he did before he retired.

Worked at a supermarket, drove a school bus. I said, I pictured you as a pharmacist. I told him I was also Jewish.

Told Mom this story. She said his name would come to me.

Told Mom that the wife Phyllis was there for vertigo.

Mom couldn't remember what that meant.

Dizzy, I said.

She said physical therapy fixed her vertigo the very first time she was there. She's also a Willow Grove gal.

Finally Phyllis walked out with her walker. The family couldn't wait to introduce us.

I said hello, rather shyly. She was a b'ful woman with a thick head of white hair, all poofed up. Art said she was a great cook.

They're going out to eat afterward. A Vietnamese restaurant.

Art doesn't like Chinese.

You're a Jew and you don't like Chinese?

He laffed. Neither does Scott.

Daughter Janice said she loves every kind of food.

Her folks will probly move into Pine Run in the northeast. A great place, I know it. 

I saw that Art wasn't wearing glasses. And, yes, he still drives. He's 90.

He had cataract surgery 8 yrs ago. He checked with his daughter to find out when he had it.

I said my mom just had cataract surgery but it hadn't gone too well.

Now the woman on the other side got involved.

Same thing happened to her own mom so we talked about that for awhile.

Her mom, who had swinging blondish hair and looked to be about 80, had a face that trembled. In the therapy room - it's huge and you can watch everyone - she sat on some machine that looked like an iron mask or some torture thing from the past.

She did very well on it. The therapists protect you. They never let anything bad happen to you.

The hardest exercise is when they make you stand on a blue cushion, close your eyes, and stand as long as you can.

Actually, all the exercises hurt but I will continue to do them.

Ann finished up the final forms. They document everything. She'll send it to my family doctor.

They gave me my choice of prizes. I chose a pedometer.

I wrote a terrific poem this morning. Was listening to Sandy Wood of the McDonald Observatory in Texas when she talked about a particular moon. Can't look it up now as I'm racing with the clock.


Do not be deceived by the heavenly bodies we gaze
upon with such fondness and devotion. Like us,
they play games, nothing is sacred.

Is the Moon in love with the giant star Aldebaran?
Certainly it seems such, as she hides, then appears,
her quivering flesh pulsating for his heart

Look up, ye yearners, look up tonight and all this
week and ponder once again Does your life have meaning?
Are you with the one you love? And then whisper to the
moon your secret desires.

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