Friday, September 16, 2016

Poem: Winnie's Philodendron Poem: Hillary and Donald at the Preakness


Grows nicely on my window sill
friendly with my late brother's
ceramic bird house, I hear
them whispering at night

And Winnie, back from the dead,
pours tea from Aunt Martha's
English tea set

A revolving Replogle watches
from the corner
made of plastic
unlike the world

The world of today
Was it always thus?

My confirmation Bible
tells me it all began in

Read the Book of Job
the book of suffering
which may or may not
teach you how to endure

As for me, I sit in the
peacock chair on the
screened-in back porch
and pour myself one more
mint julep.

Here's my poem Mercy and the Bear which was published yesterday in The Last Hangover.

I'd begun this blog and then forgot all about it. 


Nervous, they paw at the ground in the
starting gate, Hillary throws back her
Palomino blond hair and coughs a few
times, her jockey comforting her

Donald, too, is nervous but stomps
with bravado in his cage, his jockey
Ivanka fixing his famous mane,
smoothing it out just so

Each horse is alert, eyes blinking,
oblivious of the halcyon blue sky
and thousands of cheering fans
in the stands

BANG! goes the starting gun
Hillary stumbles a bit as
Donald shoots out with the
speed of a Michael Phelps

Thundrous cheers from the audience
as Donald is halfway round the
bend. Ivanka turns her head to
see Hillary gaining on them.

These two horses have seen better days
and are lucky they've not been retired
True competitors, both, they refuse to
give up, and now are running
neck to neck

Go Hillary!
Go Donald!
Go Hillary!
Go Donald!

The bets have been made
and two more seconds will
The Winner.

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