Sunday, September 18, 2016

Watching a Cuban film now - make sure it says 'with English subtitles' - Poem: Sunday Morn

You know what I'm doing now? Other than eating my insulata delicioso?

Am watching a Cuban film on YouTube. Clink here.

Cuban Feliz is about a wandering minstrel, who goes from town to town. He must be famous as he is welcoming like a king.

Fascinating to see interiors of homes, with paintings of Jesus and little chotskies spread about. They haven't much in material goods but they are loving good people, singers, dancers, baseball players.

Bc of all the coffee I drank yesterday in prep for my writers group AND at B's condo, as well, I predicted I wouldn't fall asleep until 4 am which was correct.

Started watching a film Born to be Blue, where the great Edwin Hawke plays the drug-addicted trumpet player Chet Baker. It was stunningly awful. Pulled it out after 5 boring minutes and went upstairs to read to the sounds of jazz music on WRTI.

I lay there listening and then shut it off to begin reading. BTW, I have checked out the new Radiohead CD - The Moon-shaped Pool - and listen to that in bed as that's where my audio/radio player is.

अति उत्कृष्ट

He did it very quickly, that good man.

Facebook poem. This was inspired by Ed Quinn.


Hide then your eyes
take the deepest of breaths
step lightly on the front porch
autumn's come back

the greying of the grass
of the leaves on me maple
the sheep ready to shear
the last of the tomatoes
hanging like teardrops
from the vine
After eating breakfast I went back to bed with plenty of dreams. 
Oh no! Blogspot is screwed up.
Bear with me, as my old newspaper pal Felicia H. K.... would say. 
I started laffing and crying at the same time, telling him that I wasn't ready to wake up yet.
I fixed up my two stories - THE SECURITY GUARD and DISAPPERANCE - and got good reviews
from Sister Lynn and Scott. Ed Quinn's review was inchoate.
That's it for now. Gonna read for praps two hours - what joy! Oh, Martha from our group
gave me a romance novel to read. She loves em and writes her own. The print was terribly
small but I forged on, knowing I'd probly never pick it up agayne, as Tavis would say.
Okay, let's see how dis looks when I press PUBLISH. Ain't that a great word?

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