Saturday, September 24, 2016

Visit with the Demings - all 7 of them - Literary Yard publishes me - Mother would have liked you - and The Lottery Ticket

All booted up. Will tackle today's Writers Group later. I am bushed!

 A program where you can build anything called Minecraft.  Zowie!!!
Grace is building a railroad track for Max, who is so tired he's lying in his mama's arms. Grace and Nicole had a big day. Took the train downtown to the Walnut Street Theater where they saw a live play, Beauty and the Beast.

It was good, said Grace, but it wasn't my favorite. They strolled around Rittenhouse Park and enjoyed the downtown area, since they are both city girls.
Nicole is liking her substitute work with autistic and other challenged kids.

 Where's my iPad, Max asked rather frantically after dinner. Figures! It was in the living room on his train set.

Blank has huge green eyes. Old age has made him deaf. There was loudness in the family room and I thot Blank had heard it. But no. It was the vibration he heard.

 Max asked, Bubby how old are you.

I thought a moment, wondering if I should hold up a show of fingers.

70, I said.

And how old is Scott, he asked.

57, I said.

Why was this deep young boy interested in ages.

As a kid, I was fascinated with ages. Great minds think alike.

 Max was lying there and Nicole's feet were sticking out, so I massaged her feet and pretended they were Max's. I thought it was hilarious.

For dinner we had pizza and delicious BBQ chicken thighs and legs. The kids got the sauce EVERYWHERE.
 Who's this? Oh it's Half Cat Half Woman.
Dan got his first pair of Crocs. Good for the feet bc the toes are spread out. No cutting off the toes to make your feet fit, like in Perrault's Cinderella.

Image result for perrault cinderella   Quest-ce-cest?

 On the way home, a train came. Look at the pretty No Turn sign,

And then.... an ambulance sirened by. Max was reading me his Rescue Vehicle Book.

When I first arrived, I heard his barefeet padding to the door, with a new green backload in his hand with huge wheels.

Usually Onkar S publishes my work rather quickly. I began to panic when The Lottery Ticket wasn't published within two weeks.

I wrote to make sure he received my work. Finally he wrote back today, apologizing for all the work he had as he has an outside job. He lives in New Delhi and travels extensively.

Me? I travel to and from The Giant Supermarket and my Writing Group.

Click here to read The Lottery Ticket, which I think is rather unusual. I'd forgotten I named the main character Shana.

And my poem Mother Would Have Liked You.

It's about a former client of mine, who I call Evelyn, the toughest woman ever to get along with.

On PBS there's a show about oldies. Here's a couple pix I took.

 The great Debbie Reynolds sings TAMMY. Today, she's 84, born in 1932. View her auction here in 2014. Here's her bio.
Dorothy, Phyllis and Christine McGuire. When I was a kid I loved them and also their names. 
The Dairy Queen is open until 10 30.  I got up and got ready to leave.

What am I doing? I asked. I'm so tired I'm gonna collapse.

Give it up for Tommy Edwards and It's All in the Game. Hmm, he's dead, so I guess someone else is singing this.

Remember the song Lollipop by the Chordettes. Let's find it on YouTube.

Here they are, ladies and gentlemen!!!

I remember lying in bed and listening to my transistor radio. My heart would soar when I'd hear the Four Preps sing Twenty-Six Miles... 40 kilometers in a leaky old boat... Santa Catalina waits for me

And I would dream about this Santa Catalina... how beautiful it was. Listen here

One of the Preps is also in the band THE DIAMONDS of Little Darling fame.

 Pat Boone speaks to one of The Diamonds. Pat had just gotten out of that hot tub he advertises and looks really good. Let's take a peak at his life now,  a Christian. Oh, dear, he's a right-wing nut.  Born in 1932, 83 yrs old.
The Diamonds.

Gonna eat some watermelon now. Will post one of the songsters on FB. Maybe.

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