Friday, September 2, 2016

PART ONE Ed and I drive miles and miles to see Cherian at Keystone Clinical Studies

Image result for rihanna   The NY Times mentioned Rihanna so I listened to her on YouTube and really enjoyed her.

Work work work.... getting ready for work work work

Gotta have music while I Post post post.

 Welcome, Ed Quinn, who I call a "color man."  He painted my BR and the upstairs hall. He also has a nice sense of design, which he's showing off in his outfit.

He and I will drive in his Red Pathfinder to Norristown to visit Cherian V at his work place called Keystone Clinical Studies.

On the news I heard that Americans are no longer interested in 'sedans,' but they want big cars again like SUVs.

Donna, below, drove our sister Ellen to buy a car. Ellen liked the Kia, the Honda, and the Toyota Camry. What will she buy?
Sarah made us a great breakfast. My sister Donna looks like me. She was happy when I gave her the book
Snow in August by Pete Hamill, wrin in 1997. Scott read and highly recommended it.

 Ed programmed his I Phone and we easily found the place. It's near Valley Forge and the name of streets were something like Street of the Generals or Armistad Street.
Waiting room of Keystone. A TV is in the corner.

Cherian saves his back by typing standing up. The blood flows easier than when seated.

His research assistant Mandi Jo. Every single person who works in his office is a sweetheart! In this room "at this table," as Charlie Rose would say, he interviews perspective research patients. Only a small percentage of those he talks to will be suitable for the studies.

He has binders filled with the proper research protocol which is carefully checked by auditors.

His work really came to life when he spoke about one research subject, a female, in her fifties, who was a mess when she came in.... twirling her hair, unable to sit still.

The depression medication did not work for her, so he took her off, and then got her well with regular medication.

Why, we wonder, did her psychiatrist not figure it out.

Cherian said he did a long psych eval with her, learning as much about her as he could, which helped him prescribe the right medication.


Sarah and I just came home from Mom's house where Ellen made us a great meal.... lasagna, green beans, coffee, and Turkey Hill Black Raspberry Ice Cream.

In the kitchen were cookie tins.

Next time, we told Mom and Ellen, we wanna see Brownies in one tin, and Helen Walsh's Rum Cake in the other.

Donna came over with two black trash bags full of clothes. I picked out about 8 pieces and hope they fit me. Clothes shopping, for me, is the absolute worst.

I wrote a poem about this ages and ages ago.

Stay tuned for Part Two.

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