Friday, September 23, 2016

(Mis)Adventure at Barnes & Noble - Poem: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

So I think I'll be sophisticated like all the Starbux fans, so I order a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I can barely get the words out of the my mouth bc I don't know how to pronounce Pumpkin Spice Latte.

My aim is to wander the store to find a b'day gift for a friend.

First I sit down and sip on the pumpkin spice. I can't believe it. It has absolutely no flavor atall! I'm also ashamed of myself for ordering it. It cost over four dollars.

Leonard Maran on FB says Starbux is toxic. That's the first thing that comes to mind.

Seems like they've never gotten a request to return something, unlike our Giant Supermarket.

It takes approx 20 mins to return it and get a very strong Decaf which I fill with arf and arf. I'm a 'black' woman but
wanted the taste sensation of "coffee with cream, please."

There's nothing more ridiculous than wandering around the store with coffee in your hand. You might spill it.

Here's where I spilled it.

I went to sit over by the magazines, boot and I, and attempted to take a sip. Since I'd added cream, I hadn't replaced the lid correctly.

The hot coffee spilled down by blouse - I was shocked - that must be what it's like to have an instant heart attack - but worse still - it spilled on two books I was looking for as gifts.

Image result for the underground railroad bookI wiped it off pretty well on this book, but not on tother, where it left a stain on the cover.

Image result for junger author  I turned both books upside down on anudder bench and wondered how I could redeem myself.

I did, sort of, by buying two books for my friend. I showed Scott, who agreed they look great!

Both by a woman I'd never heard of.... Candice Millard.  Born in 1968.

Funny, cuz she wrote about presidents and her last name is, well, Millard Fillmore.

You know how drivers are always in a hurry?

You should have seen one person on the way home. She or he was actually teetering on the median so she could make a quick left turn.

Here's my FB poem for this morning.


What shall Ruthie wear today?
The squrrels are gabbing as I choose
This isn't any ordinary day
It's fall and I is chilled.

Opening up a drawer marked
"Sweaters" in Aunt Ethel's
ivory-white chest of drawers
my old friends greet me

So many favorites. How could
I have forgotten you over
the summer of sandals and
tank tops and dresses

Eyes closed, I pick YOU,
darling blue and white
stripes with a useless
tie for decoration or
to feel like a mariner

And now I go out into
the world. Same as ever.
But dressed to kill.

1 comment:

  1. Enjoyed your adventure at Barnes and Noble. It does seem ridiculous for people to roam around drink in hand.
    No doubt many spill accidentally.
    Anyhow, the pumpkin spice latte (PSL) is a huge crowd pleaser and best seller.
    People love them.
    I can't imagine why it did not satisfy your taste buds.
    It's two shots of coffee
    4 pumps syrup which is natural and then steamed 2%milk.
    Topped with hand made whip cream unless you specified no whip.
    I still remember all the recipes although it's been years since I worked there. I would give it another chance and I don't think Starbucks is toxic.
    Howard Shultz didn't even pay me for my plug!☕️☕️