Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Met my new friend Evelyn at the Willow Grove Barnes and Noble

Image result for bowl of peanuts and raisinsEvelyn and I agreed to meet at 7 pm at the B&N. I had 45 minutes to wait. What was I to do? Went to Scott's next door to tell him. Then I said I've gotta motivate myself to write a short fiction story.

Well, don't do it, if you're not in the mood, he said.

Don't worry, I said, I'll get in the mood when I start to write it.

What I wanted to write about was a view of a river. I could see it in me mind's eye. But where was this river and why did I want to see it?

Somehow I thought of my old friend Walter Straus. We used to be great friends. He was born in December of 1918 and lived in Bristol, PA. In fact, he would swim across the Delaware River.

W/o doubt, Walter is the most interesting man I've ever met. So I decided to write about him for one of the many lit mags I've never submitted to. It's called Matchbox. The writing on the website is teeny-tiny.

I began with a quotation, so I wouldn't forget it and also b/c it was a good quote and in keeping w their recommendation to write about what's going on today.

Mailed it off to Marf, who really liked it. You can't imagine how relieved I was. Was worried it was no good.

Evelyn was a little late to B and N, so I wandered about and wondered, Will I recognize her? I've only see her once.

Yes, there she was.

Aha! Just remembered why I was thinking about Walter. He used to read me poems at his high rise. One of his favorites was Evelyn Hope by Robert Browning.

Evelyn. I do know a couple of Evelyns. One likes to be called EVie.  Met with her this year .

We saved 10 percent as I used my mom/laws phone no. Scott reminded me of this. I had my dinner there,
something Mexican whose name is impossible to remember. Farout Fallujah?

Evelyn has older parents, in their 80s. Each one drives but not far from home. They all live in Abington.

She loves photography and I invited her to show her photos at our Arts Fest.

She said she has some nice ones from Cuba.

Cuba? I shouted. You've been there?

Then I mentioned Randy Kane who showed his photos from Cuba last year. She thinks she's heard of him. He shows neat photos daily on FB.

  Cuba, from our Arts Fest.

One thing Evelyn and I have in common is that when we're doing our work, we're so focused that nothing else exists. When someone calls on the phone, we can't bear to break our concentration. 

Mom got a flu shot yesterday from Dr Foxhall

Today she was in excruciating pain. When she called, they told her to put ice on it and take Tylenol.

Whew! My 94-yo mom is tough, but she's also fragile. Lemme try and write a quick poem about her. I'll take a sip of decaf .... hold on..... I'm sipping's 9:54 now...

Rockabye Mama in your pillow covered bed
Rockabye Mama take a rest from the many
years you've been around, Cleveland,
North Carolina, Englewood Cliffs,
Huntingdon Valley, where your soft
white hair, fine as corn silk
rests exhausted on your pillow

You are not old, your voice is lively
never defeated even by today's terrible
pain from the flu shot.

Did I ever mention You are the best
mama I ever done have. May the healing
powers of sleep bring you nothing
but joy in the morning.

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