Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ethan's List of Crime Fiction - Great people - Poem: Has anyone seen Ashlee King?

Last night I was up until very late writing and submitting, writing and submitting. Whenever a writer is published, a brief bio, including their credits, is published at the end.

I always scoop out these credits and if suitable apply there.

That's how I learned about Tinderbox and a few others whose names I can't remember.

One journal wanted poems no longer than 16 lines. So I made up four new poems.

None of these poems may be published on your blog and I will abide by dat, sweetheart that I yam.

Scott's list of great people includes his best friend Mike's father, who was a master mechanic. As you know, Scott's a mechanic on the El at Septa.

There was also a guy when he first joined Septa who was also a master.

Who do I think is a great person? My daughter Sarah and her husband Ethan. David Robertson of Pennypack Trust. And many more.

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(Suggested by a true story)

Ashlee King left her parents' home
with $300 on the fourth of July

Neighbors sat out on porches
watching the fire works from

far away, the sound thundrous
as the voice of God

She blinked away tears of
happiness that someone

she met on the Internet
understood her, wanted her

His royal blue pickup was
in the parking lot of

McDonalds. They got along
right away, the first kisses

she'd ever had, sweet as
Good and Plenty.

She never knew how she ended
up in a corn field

in Bucks County, dress ripped
no shoes, no panties, throat

so dry she couldn't cry out.
She heard the sound of a

tractor coming her way. My Lord,
he thought, why's she robbing

my corn stalks. I would've given
em to her for free.

Here's Ethan's List of Crime Fiction.

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