Saturday, September 3, 2016

Eat - Write - Submit - Poem: Chez Sarah


Your grilled cheese, madame!
She says as she places it before me
with a pink linen napkin

It is good!
I stare outside at
the Winooski River
sailing smooth as
the goat cheese
in the sandwich

A parade of show dogs
flows by. George's
Chico is growing fast
There goes Snappy Lou
my mom's ancient dog
and Look! Wesley's
come back.

The perfect start
for a perfect day.
The chef has disappeared downstairs
to think, to dream
to write.
I've been saving this Christian brochure for nearly a year as I want to write a story about it.

Just did!

Dyou believe the incredible food Sarah makes for me. The salad!!!!  It's got black kale in it. Raw, but she rolls it around to make it more digestible.

Altho the deadline is the end of September, am submitting to Kind of a Hurricane Press today! Wrote three damn good poems that have never been published.

Of course not. I wrote em all in 45 minutes. Theme is Mirrors and Reflections. 

Here's an excellent website I just found.

Oh! Did I tell you the exciting news?

My sister Donna brought used close from her two well-dressed daughters and Kamellia. Am wearing a pair of comfy culottes now. And am fabric painting a black jacket that Donna used to wear at Starbux.

Now there are no close requirements!

When one side of the jacket is dry, I'll paint the other!

The three poems for Hurricane are called:

Mirror for the Dead

The Dressing Room

Reflections before Bed

Speaking of hurricanes, let's check the weather.

And, yes, this is the season.

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