Sunday, August 14, 2016

Why am I pampering myself? Bad foot pain

Leftover food from yesterday's Giant talk by Mary Fala on Wellness Techniques. The chocolate covered Graham Crackers are amazingly delicious!

I'd bought a $20 pillow at Target which resembled Scott's $200 pillow.

However, mine absy killed my neck. So back it went this morning.

Then I had to spend $20 bc I'm not going back to Target for a long long time.

Was on my feet there for about 90 minutes,, wearing my sneakers which make me walk like a duck.

What! You've noticed that! Mum's the word.

Bought groceries, which I hadn't known they carried.

My California olive oil turned agin me and I couldn't stand the taste for my salads. As a saute-er it's fine.

So I bought some Sunflower Oil, among other things, including Amy's organic frozen dinners.

Just finished the excellent Cheese Ravioli.

So when I came home from the most odious thing in the world - shopping - second only to sitting in the waiting rooms of Abington hospital - I kicked my my sneaks and felt searing pain all throughout my left foot.

Oh, I'd stopped at Mom's - hello Ellen, Matt and 4-mo pregnant Jade - and I could barely walk.

 reddened pinky toe plus swollen ankle which you can't see
Only one thing to do. Scott drove me to the Abington ER.

Three hours later, after X Rays showed nothing, they fitted me with an orthopedic shoe.

They asked me if I'd taken anything for the pain at home. No, I said, and explained o that bco my kidney t plant I can only take certain pain relievers.

What are they, they asked

I dunno, I said. I never take anything for pain.

They gave me some Tylenol - every four hours they said - but so far, no relief.

Dunno if I have any and it's too painful for me to get up and check.

Remind me to discuss watching for meteor showers at 4 in the morning last night, but now, it's time to sleep sleep sleep. My sister Lynn said there's a good film on Netflix..... Tallulah. I'll give it a try, ortho shoe and all.

Image result for tallulah film

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