Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Upper Moreland Concert at Masons Mill Park - Sundays at 6:30 - Poem: The Concert in the Park

Scott and I attend our first band concert of the season, presented by our township..... let's hear it for Upper Moreland.

 The Recessionals Jazz Band was quite good.
 Mostly old people. Wheelchairs were no impediment.
David from P'pack Trust asked if there were any monquitos.

Not a one.

 What a diverse community....
 a woman with a kidney t'plant
half the people who walked by spoke no English

 Whatever you do, said Nikki and Melissa, don't wear those socks on your first day on the job.
 He reminded me of my lost Walter Straus. The man who disappeared.
Huge protuberant belly like a good many of the men. I'm spoiled with flat-bellied Scott.

Music playing:  I'm in love with flat-bellied Scott. He ain't got no hair but his belly's just fine, I'm in love with flat-bellied Scott.
They left the band shell and walked around the audience.


LOUD plays the band
where were the kids
to hear the trombone
the lectric piano
the drummer who
shook his sticks

Playing Pokemon perhaps?

Not us, the old ones, oh
speak for yourself, someone
cries. Scott's not old but
likes to relax in our
beach chairs, the chairs
that never saw the
beach this summer, his
new kidney stones, other years
my back

Getting old is.... oh shut
up and stop complaining

Can you think of a world
better than this? The
sky full of stars and a
huge unfailing moon that
comforts us, relaxes us
until the next morn.

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