Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Phone Rang - C'mon over said my sister Lynn - Mom's Pre-Birthday Celebration No. 94 - Poem: All Hearts Turn Toward Breakfast

The GREAT thing was Dan brought the kids over. My mom said she never got a chance to feel close to them. I made sure I sent Max over to her frequently, saying, Max, tell Gramma Bernice about your love of trains.

Nicole wasn't gonna come as there was a Nursing Moms event at Masons Mill Park. I saw the colorful  tents when I drove by on the way to Mom's.

Mom! Mom! Dyou realize what a pleasure it is to say that word?

Grace Catherine grabbed my purple Nikon and took most of the 49 photos. Here are a selection.

First, tho, here's today's cheese omelet sizzling and bubbling on the stove. Just posted it in FB with the poem ALL HEARTS TURN TOWARD BREAKFAST.

 Mom's bike. One of her OTs said she'll sew straps onto the pedals so Mom's feet will stay on. I purposely removed em when Scott n I schlepped the bike over.
 Max is a cuddlebug.
The train belongs to little David, son of Jesse - no! that's the one in the Bible - son of Tyler and Kam. When Max was about to leave, he asked Gram if he could take the train. We all reminded him it belonged to little David.

He put it back on the shelf.

 Got her a $50 gift card from the Giant.
 Many stuffed animals are a great hit with the kiddies.

 My b'day card got there INTACT.
The rocking chair used to be Grampa David's, my mom's father. Mom was a fab reupholsterer. Lynn's friend and former neighbor Joanne B sat there. Half-Jewish, half-German. We did discuss - in about 20 minutes - some of the horrors of Nazi Germany.

The kids were running around elsewhere and my mom asks to repeat things since she can't hear too well.

 Lynn makes this same face for pictures.

Lynn brought delicious brownies from a mix she made. Plus Hershey's Kisses, one of the sponsors of the Olympix.

OMG.... you should read what happened yesterday to one of the athletes.... he broke his back.... the sound was like the loudest crack of a whip.

 Look at how Grace centered this pic.
 She also named all the animals. Very quickly and with no aforethought. (My new fave word.)

 Lying on Aunt Ethel's couch, which was once in her den in Shaker Heights.
 Joanne is quite tall. And quite the talker. She likes using the F work.

I took this.... Mom's 90th.... in the dining room.

 Bedroom on top floor. I lived here after I left my ex in Texas, preg with Dan. Couldn't think of a middle name till I looked out the window.... the van said something like Jon PAUL Interiors. Paul it is.
 Grace took these lovely gift carnations from Joanne. Imagine! A 6-yo who knew the importance.
 Ellen did a great job serving. She made fab brownies. With walnuts on part of their tops.

We all agreed that Grace's face had changed. She's either 5 or 6.

 Look! Her face changed again!
 Grace made lil pieces of paper with love notes penciled on.

Max is fascinated by the train. What does his little bright mind see in it?

 Grace got the above off the top of the fridge.

Mom's friend Lenore's wedding pic. Click twice to find my dark-haired mom.

 Look at this Holy Shit Mansion in the neighborhood on the way home.
Holy fucking shit!


"Station Eleven," an award-winning
book is lying atop my knees, the
pages diminishing with every whir
of the ceiling fan

All of earth is in danger. A
strange virus, The Georgia Flu
kills quickly. People lie dead
in their cars, on airplanes in
the runway, and in synagogue
gift shops where Mrs. Ehrlich
has just crashed to the floor
holding a fancy menorah in her hand.

The reader of this book is going
quietly insane, like its char-
acters who either figure it out
or don't.

I'm breathing deeply especially
when I read about the young girl
whose run out of her Effexor. She
goes round the airport asking every
single person Do you have any? Then
collapses on a bench with w/drawal
symptoms worse than heron, as the
black people call it.

To save myself, I dream of breakfast.
Cracking the eggs, buttering the pan,

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