Friday, August 26, 2016

PART ONE - The idea I had is happening today! New carpet from Specialty Flooring

 The Willow Grove Bible Church around the corner is asking for "Americana" art work, so I whipped up this American flag made from an egg carton.  Linda B drove me over. I also donated my funky patterned sneakers and the postcard to the Khan Family - the Gold Star Family - that was returned

addressee unknown.
Hope all my readers are doing well. A little problem w my mom, we're trying to take c/o.  
This is the long-ago Ruth Deming with her two children, Sarah and Dan. Hard to get lil Dan to sit still for the free K-Mart picture.

Sarah is coming to stay with me, using my home as a Writers Retreat.

The Cowbell Inn.

The Family Room, where she'll stay, has a lovely pink carpet I bought at Sears, after the previous one flooded from overflow from the laundry tub.

I began fantasizing on Monday buying a new carpet.

Stop it! I told myself. There isn't enuf time and your tax bill is coming up soon.

Be quiet, I ordered myself and called Nick from Specialty Flooring.

On Weds, today is Friday, his man Jerry came out to measure. And brought out samples. Truthfully, none of em great, but they're all in stock and will be 'cheap.'

The one I ordered is the 'best' quality, said Nick, will last longer than I will - I only have about 20 mindful years left - and the cost is less than 2 grand. Of course I was hoping for less.

Samples from Jerry. I really dug the grey.... but Nick said I needed a bright color for the basement. (He's always right.)

 Mauve or purple blue.

 Gold which I'll have installed today.  At 4 am, I woke up and backed my car outa the drive. Also put up the September sked for New Directions. Then went back to bed.

Am getting the downstairs ready in my Tugboot.

Ready for The Installer and for Sarah Lynn. She'll share her stories about Rio with us. When I called her last nite she was having a small dinner party. Not feeling too well.

When she left for Rio I called her and asked if she was worried about anything. No, she said. She was finishing packing, which is always the worst.

 Vacking the once lovely pink carpet.
 Back porch with Judy's white wicker sofa and table. Actually Bob's Home Improvement set up everything this way when they were putting on a new porch roof. See Exhibit B-13.

My Art Studio is on the end.
Worked hard last nite removing what I could so the Installers had a clear way.

"Buy ClearWay Gloss" for a gleaming wooden floor.

 Mayhap Sarah could use this makeshift table to put her laptop on.
Bathroom privileges! Two Russian guys retiled the bathroom floor about 7 years ago. One was saving money to attend Penn to become a brain surgeon. He is now enrolled.

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