Tuesday, August 23, 2016

RIP Winnie Bannigan - Thank you podiatrist Bruce Bruskoff - Poem: Thank you Dr B

Winnie gave me this philodendron when she moved out of Moreland Towers. It's weeping now since Winnie died this morning of cancer.

Winnie in hospice at her sister Tony's house in Glenside.

Her niece Michelle, an RN, called me.  Michelle had called me yesterday and said Winnie was holding her own.

I guess that was a warning.

I visited her a couple of times at her sister's house in Glenside, PA, where they held hospice.

Michelle said the hospice workers from Abington hospital were terrific. She was never left alone for one second. Read more about her on my blog. Here's another blog entry from her last home at Moreland Towers.

Z blog knows all.

Scott drove me to the podiatrist for my 1 pm appt. Got there early to fill out paperwork. Bruce Bruskoff and his staff are courteous, efficient, kind and have an X-Ray machine there. You simply hobble over in plastic booties.

I have anudder appt in four weeks. You should read what's on the bottom of the appt sheet... it's a big sheet, not a tiny card.

We enjoyed serving you and hope to bring you Happy, Healthy Feet.

I compare everything to how we make people feel in New Directions. Oh, I hope Char checked the phones today. 

 What a chair! Like a dental chair. Hello Dr Joe!
 Plastic foot.

 This little piggy .... actually it's a stress fracture. My sister Ellen, a superb researcher sent me a Mayo Clinic link. Who has time to look?

 Tiny crack on leftmost bone.... little toe.
 Dr B.... I forgot I had my close-up button on. Brain befuddled by foot pain.
 Dr B cut my nails and this woman polished them. People w diabetes should get em professionally cut. 

26 bones (One-quarter of the bones in the human body are in the feet.); 33 joints; more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments (Tendons are fibrous tissues that connect muscles to bones and ligaments are fibrous tissues that connect bones to other bones.).

My great friends Freda and Bernie Samuels recommended Bruskoff to me. Look! I finally spelled Bruskoff right.

Finished off the last of the fresh tomato soup for now. Lots more tomatoes awaiting. Scott or me might try making our own tomato sauce for our homemade pizzas.

My daughter and kidney donor Sarah Deming got her first story published in the NY Times. Read it here.

Good comments, you can read on the upper right of the story.

Many folks say boxing is a brutal sport. It doesn't have to be, though. There are mismatched boxers and sometimes the referee doesn't call the game soon enuf.

Many of the kids at Atlas Boxing Gym learn self-esteem for the first time in their lives.

Scott said Sports taught him self esteem.

In his neighborhood, he was put down bc he was a Jew and short and had big ears. Softball, street hockey and other sports made him feel good about himself.

Have brewed breakfast blend coffee and will go to my upstairs computer to finish - hopefully - my Intelligencer story on Aging.

I called Mildred C - view yesterday's blog - and told her I wouldn't be swimming in her pool anymore due to my Boot.

Me blog isn't complete w/o a poem. Hold on. It's 7:33 pm now. Poem done at 7:51 pm.

Rem Murphy from my writing group said he'd put my foot on his Prayer List.

Thank you so much, Rem!


They all wear blue in the office
Every single doctor, nurse, aide,
secretary, certified X-Ray technician
and the walls, too,
are blue.

I am small, not even five feet,
and my left foot throbs with pain
The questionaire asks to describe
the pain, check it off

Stabbing throbbing tingling.

I am that soldier in the
Afghan, whose foot has been
shattered by an explostive
I lie in the mud, sobbing
softly, heaving, foot's
still attached, take it
off for godssakes
I can't stand the pain.

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