Saturday, August 27, 2016

Pretend Conversation with the Editorial Page Editor of the Intell - Poem: The Great Eternity of Forever

This refreshing nightcap is sustaining me right now, along with the Johnny Meister blues show on WXPN. Reminds me that I bought a ticket for the upcoming Buddy Guy performance at the Keswick, sometime in September.

Was gonna NOT go b/c of my boot. And was gonna ask Jim P or Barry B if they wanted to buy my ticket.

But, maybe I can just park in the regular lot, get there early, and hobble in.

Foot is now elevated on smashed-up box in my upstairs office.

Wanna work on my short story about the Air Stream trailer.

We'll call the editor Alan K, which is his name.

Am waiting for my Aging column to get in the Intell. Guess it won't come out the morrow, Sunday, the biggest reading day.

I really like reading the Intell but I don't have a subscription which means you can't read the darn paper online. You only have 24 hours to read it and then you're advised You need a subscription to read.

Am now making my case to Alan of why I don't subscribe. Remember, it's just pretend.

He recently won a prestigious award.0

Before I entered Hahnemann for my master's degree in psychotherapy, I had worked for the Intell for five years. I worked in Horsham at the Record, a part of the Intell that folded. Loved that job.

Lisa Smith was my boss as I wrote headlines for the Advice Columns.... Dr Gott, Polly's Pointers, and Dear Abby.

Polly has just written a book and it's waiting for me at the Upper Moreland Library when Bigfoot and I can get there.

I did get gas tonight - 90 cents off - and shopped at the Giant where I bought that new Califia Almond Milk Mocha Coffee.

Will write them a fan letter after I finish this post.

It's always nice to do something that makes people feel good, not to mention voice your opinion when things get out of hand. Excellent story in the Times about the early racial prejudice of Trump. We closely follow our family beliefs unless we have the fortitude to think for ourselves, which Trump does not.

Skim the story here.

Sorry to editorialize, but it's disgraceful!!!

And a must-read!

Alan, I do not have a lot of money. And I scrutinize everything I buy. The rates to subscribe to the Intell are exorbitant.

$23  per month!

The NY Times is $15.

Mom once advised me to keep $8,000 in the bank for my funeral.

I'll let my kids bury me. They've got the money. Cremate me and throw my ashes in the Pennypack Creek or other nature center.

Gosh, we're here for such a little while.

Quick poem:


Stepping out on the front porch
Darkness enfolds me like a cloak
The French Lieutenant's Woman

Once again on this clear night
with the crickets and locusts
for music

I stand on the sidewalk watching
for Meteor Showers
head upturned like the
Queen of the Nile

Two millennia ago
queens, butchers, lovers,
turned their eyes toward the sky

Everything remains the same
in the great eternity of Forever. 

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