Monday, August 1, 2016

Part Two: Michener Museum

Steve McCurry did many of the exhibits on view now at the Michener.

 Steve McCurry writes he was driving by and the mom came up to his car wishing to be photographed w her daughter.
 Some statue toppled over.

People stood knee-deep or chest-deep in filthy muddy water.

 Refugee camps in Pakistan. This is a rug tacked on the wall.
Iconic photo of Sharbat Gula by Steve McCurry. Most famous cover of National Geographic Magazine.

McCurry, born in 1950, in Darby  PA, is now 66.  He returned to Afghan/Pakistan to find Sharbat Gula.

He's continued his dramatic photography, most recently photographing women with breast cancer.

Below is the Blue Mosque. We don't know the toll the war has taken on these spectacular buildings that are despised by ignorant enemies.

 McCurry photographs fellow photographer.  He and his team would travel long distances by night so as not to be seen by Taliban.  The photo next to this was The Tooth Man, who removed teeth. His instruments were displayed.
These women who usually dress in black decided to link forces and dress up while choosing western-style tennis shoes.

The Intelligencer bldg is for sale. Three pads available, said the sign.

Scott and I were exhausted when we got home. I decided to sleep to Netflix. Gave up the ghost on Stranger Things.

For posterity.  That damn yellow phone that keeps burning up. The last straw for me.

Image result for stranger things      The mysterious little kid.

Image result for sharbat gula now  Sharbat Gula now. Still that determined tough haunting face. They are an angry people, her sect.

And now I will wander off, may Allah be praised. Their lives are so uncertain they rarely plan on the following day.

I am, btw, watching The Following, also suggested by my son, Dan, starring Kevin Bacon, who's 58 but looks in his 30s.

The highly rated Following, about finding a serial killer, is quite awful.

Image result for the following

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna watch Charlie Rose who has Andrew Solomon discuss his new book Far and Away on the Brink of Change. 

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