Friday, August 5, 2016

Oh no! Now it's the next day already! Poem: Wonderful News, Ellen

Image result for shirley jackson the lottery In my story The Lottery Ticket, which I just finished, Shana Fitzpatrick asks the Chaudbury boy, who attends Germantown Friends, to read the short story The Lottery by Shirley Jackson.

So I'm pretty happy that I absolutely forced myself to finish it tonight.

I'm quite tired. Bought a big jar of Starbucks Unsweetened which has basically no flavor, so I stuck a lime in it, and drank out of a green straw.

Image result for station eleven comic book  Apparently there's a comic book called Station Eleven, which was the book we read at the Upper Moreland Reading Group.

Full house today with a couple newcomers. Elaine K was on a rant. I spent 2.5 consecutive hours trying to finish the book.

Image result for station eleven
Written in 2014, it's a finalist for the National Book Award.

Adam, our discussion leader, was shocked at our response. Kullie said, Show me one good sentence in the book.

I couldn't believe it. Every sentence was a gem, I said, visual, unusual. The story wove all over time, from the demise of the world as we know it, due to the Georgia Flu, to the new apocalyptic world.

Am halfway through and will read it tonite after Marcy reviews my short story. She quite liked it.

Sent my mom a happy b'day card. Wanted it to reach her by Monday, when she turns 94. She's quite good for that age. She and I had a minor tiff over the phone about coming over for cake and ice cream.

I can't post the photo of the card bc I'm at the upstairs computer and the photos are all downstairs.

Watched a very moving documentary about the deaths of Israelis at the Munich Olympic Games. Horrific things the Palestinians did to the Israelis. 

This is one of my Facebook poems.

Wonderful news, Ellen!
A new research poll listed
the highest wage earners
in the state of Pennsylvania.

I am among them!
Number six on their
infallible as the Pope
list, is the Chief
Executive. I am that.

This year my salary -
can you see me rubbing
my hands together? - will
top two-hundred thousand.

Whatever shall I do with
it. You know, family, friends,
and those greedy sisters of
mine, will be asking for

This may sound crazy but
I'll decline the raise
and live on the same
pittance - I'm called
the Penniless Dogooder -
as always. My needs are
few. A new bathing suit
perhaps when we visit
the seashore next month.

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