Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Neanderthal poem published - Wrote this poem last nite - New Drink and I Visit the Stars

   At last, after a dozen rejections this wonderful poem was published. Read it here. Name of lit mag is In Between Hangovers. This is the second poem they've published. The first one was Going Down about losing my job at Bristol Bensalem Human Services. They went out of biz possibly for Medicare/Medicaid fraud.

I got the poem idea about the lost tribe while watching a PBS documentary.

Am eating cold mashed potatoes now. Not too bad. Not too good either.

Just came home from the library with a new stash of materials including four films. Will take to Scott's when I finish up here.

On TCM it's Jean Arthur Day. My sister Donna said she's watching Shane right now and thinking of Daddy. His fave actress was Jean Arthur with her high sweet throaty voice.

Come back Shane! Come back!

Image result for come back shane

Judy checked me out at the library.

We should get together some time, I said.


You live in the township, right?

Upper Moreland? Yes I do.

Linda Jones I'm through with.

Me, always trying to make a new friend.

Image result for sarah deming the spiral staircase My daughter Sarah will be home on Monday, which is tomro. Here she is on her blog The Spiral Staircase holding - vat else? - a slab of bacon.

Watched the film The Spiral Staircase today on YouTube. Quite good.

Image result for film the spiral staircase  Very suspenseful with a great ending. Ethel Barrymore was in it.

Image result for film the spiral staircase

At one point toward the end, I sat upright on red couch and stared in suspense. Not predictable at all.

So throughout the night I drank this fabulous concoction specially made for writers like me.

Oh, I spose I had two full glasses, with ice, and then adulterated the last glass so I'd eventually fall asleep.

Forced myself - and I do mean 'forced' - b/c of HEAT LASSITUDE - to finish

  THE TRAILER ON THE NEXT STREET or whatever I decided to call it.

My concern was to make it Unpredictable.

Twas very hard to judge if it was any good since I was drunk on coffee.

Marfa thought the pace was too fast at the end, so I rewrote the whole thing this morning, which only took about an hour.

Then Freda wrote she loved it. Whew!

As I told my neighbor Pete, who with Patrick, mowed the lawn, it's about Human Trafficking.

Garlic breath from the mashed potatoes. Very high in carbs which is why I injected 12.

It's got mushrooms in it, too. But where's the protein?

I slept in the boot. Easily. I simply turn on my fan and snore away. Nearly finished the great book that Scott loaned me months ago

Image result for snows in august by pete hamill

Really exciting. Everyone gets beat up but there are no "rats" in it, the lowest form of human being, an informer.

Judy at the library asked me what happened to my foot as I marched into the library.

I'm so used to it now I don't even think about it.

No known reason, I said. The doctor told me most people don't even know they have it until it gets so painful they've gotta go to the doctor.

I'm so good at walking I could almost challenge Elaine Thompson of Jamaica.



Stepping out on the front porch
Darkness enfolds me like a cloak
The French Lieutenant's Woman

Once again on this clear night
with the crickets and locusts
for music

I stand on the sidewalk watching
for Meteor Showers
head upturned like the
Queen of the Nile

Two millennia ago
queens, butchers, lovers,
turned their eyes toward the sky

Everything remains the same
in the great eternity of Forever. 

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