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No doubt you're wondering what great music I'm listening to on WRTI-FM.

Steve Reich, now 80, is playing his 2009 Mallet Quartet. What?

Image result for steve reich mallet quartet       Okay, Mark Pinto, I'll LIKE you on FB.

 Of course Matt didn't just come for the food.  What a spread!
 Mary Fala tests out the AV equipment with the help of our fave Elyse Bonner, below, who also chose the food.
 Hot coffee on a 90-plus day?  Of course.  It was superb.  Phil helped us clean up. He's the guy who works as a valet.  You pull up and he puts your groceries in your car.

As a gift we got Mary some gorgeous purple hued flowers. I never saw them before and it was luv at first sight.

Just as it was with my ex-husband, Mike Deming. Today, August 13, is our anniversary.  Sadly he can't remember it anymore as he's dead. Might as well be blunt, right, Mary?

The WRAP Program is based on the work of Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD.  View Copeland Center - terrific website - and yes, Mary, there's a course they're offering in November in West Chester, PA - and also check Mental Health Recovery.

Oh look! There's a video of Mary Ellen. I'll watch later with some of the food on the table above.  Cheese and delicious crackers that stain your fingers orange.

Mary, who lives in Havertown, said she was really energized as she'd just come from a week-long WRAP conference in Virginia.

Some WRAP principles are

Building Self Esteem

Changing Negative to Positive Thoughts (very hard when you're depressed)

Getting Peer Support.... in other words, confer with someone who understands you and your needs... not someone who can't in a million years understand what you're going thru (Don't mind my computer... it has a mind of its own)

WRAP also deals with work-related issues, trauma and suicide.

I always say A good manic-depressive always has a plan that will work. Trick is not to use it.

Also, don't say, "Hi, my name is Ruth and I'M BIPOLAR."

Mary said they instantly correct people when they say that.

Image result for goddard college    This is the clock tower at Goddard College in Plainfield VT where I studied for a couple of yrs when I got outa high school in 1964.

Unusually good ideas come from VT.

Image result for bernie sanders

Mary Ellen Copeland had a "historic"  meeting in VT with people like herself - with mental health issues - where they pounded out steps for a recovery program.

Image result for mary ellen copelandic

Her friends were all united in their desire to stay well and not go back to hospitals, many of which are not helpful.

Read this story about a 19-yo man from Ambler, PA, who killed his mother and her BF, while in their beds. He was released from Eagleville Hospital.  Shouldn't they have known about his condition?

Mary Ann had asked her psychiatrist for some info about staying well. He could not find anything. Remember this was in the 1980s when not much info was available.

After I was involuntarily committed in 1984, I couldn't find info either. So I got 'special permish' to use the Abington hospital library, where I sat for hours gobbling up info I could barely understand.

The Internet has changed all that.

Mary told us a story about Mary Ellen's mother. We gasped when she told us the woman was in the state hospital for EIGHT years.

Don't expect her to get better, they told Mary Ellen and family. And stop visiting her.


They did anyway. Like her daughter, Mary Ellen's mom was a leader inside. She was discharged and started working as a dietician, like our beloved Giant nutritionist Mary Ann Moylen.
Image result for mary ann moylan

Mary Ellen's mom died of a stroke and hundreds of people came to her funeral bc she had made such a difference in people's lives.

Image result for jfk funeral

In my opinion, eulogies are best said while the person is alive.

Mary Fala emphasized "We are the expert on our own lives."  No one knows us better.

You wanna learn WHO you are when you are feeling your best. This way your "care providers" will know and can help you when you're not feeling so well.

She talked about getting an Advance Directive, which the state of PA - the Key Ring State - implemented.

Oops! It's the Keystone State.

New Directions has our own Keys to Recovery printed on our brochures.

We say Phone someone to cheer you up.

Click to enlarge. Am sitting on the floor as I wanted to show you the sandals I wore today. Don't we love wearing sandals?

A woman in the group said, "Sometimes, I wouldn't get out of bed if I didn't have my pets to take care of."

Mary Fala said we should all have a Daily Maintenance List. Write one up in a notebook. Look at it when you need it. List how you feel when you're well.

TRIGGERS. This is anything that gives you a mood change.

Develop a plan. Draw from your Toolbox.

Develop a crisis plan. You may feel totally out of control and need to empower yourself by relying on the five people you can trust.

Mary emphasized that WRAP is not only for people with MH issues.

For example I have diabetes. If I go 'low' I could pass out and even die.

Here is my crisis plan.  Orange juice and

These are very high in sugar so I only eat them when I'm low. Chobani  and Brown Cow. Neither have preservatives.

I also keep protein bars in my glove box in the car and in my pocketbook.

It was hard to believe that Mary had many involuntary commitments when she was much younger. She is so together now. Those of us sitting there agreed it's easier to manage our illness the older we get. We're so experienced, as Jimi Hendrix sang.

Why is it difficult stopping the blog?  B/c I don't know what to do next.

Lucky me. I just thought of something. My daughter Sarah is in Rio coaching the boxers from Atlas Cops and Kids. The founder is a former cop dedicated to helping children and teens by giving them a life of meaning so they won't end up on the streets.
Image result for sarah deming rio

Sarah's idol is the late Muhammad Ali.

A few of us stayed for a few extra minutes.

Mary and Tree (short for Teresa)

 Another Teresa who goes by Terry. And Matt.
Here I am hovering over the food like a bee.

Am gonna go to the Barnes and Noble and buy Sarah a book upon her homecoming.

Image result for ross macdonald  This is the late Ross MacDonald, a crime fiction writer. I've probly read every one of his books. "The Chill" is amazing. Will order some of his newly released volumes for my girl.

You must read this blog about him..... this is what WE wanna do.

We wanna meet and talk about interesting topics.  Hold on, I'll write a quick poem about this.

I can't bear to read my poem again. Like those actresses who hide their eyes during the "rushes." I refuse to call females "actors."

Sorry, Cousin Brucie.  Don't know Bruce's linguistics, Noam Chomsky, but I'll stick to my guns. Oh, btw, The Heiress starring Olivia deHavilland, will be on TCM on Sunday. Remind me to watch. I am one chick who could never get through a James novel, but I did enjoy the horror film Turn of the Screw.

My music table.


Are you a patron of the world?
I am. I dwell among the lovely
and the generous. I wrap this
purple scarf around my wrinkled
neck, a gift from Freda, and
love the color purple but have
never read the book.

Postcards thrill me. My son's
honeymoon in Venice, my daugher's
visit to Lascaux, when we were
new people on earth doing art
projects on the wall.

Michael Phelps thrills me
as do the female gymnasts
Simone Biles and Ali Raisman

Who can resist a good
Vietnamese meal. Look what
we did to their country
yet forgiveness comes
with time.

What book shall I read
tonigh? What will you
read? Millions to
choose from, like the
planets and constellations
which only show themselves
to us at night.

Ain't that something?

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  1. This is from speaker Mary Fala...LOVE your blog. Just read it. It brightened my day. Thank you for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to hone my presentation skills in a friendly atmosphere. You're the best, Ruth. I hope to cross paths again soon.