Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Everyday life at The Home

This is my fourth time there. The worst part is the drive down. Going home is easier.

Image result for rush hour traffic     Got the job thru a woman named Natalia. She now works in the Memory Unit of this simply gorgeous place.

My boss is Joshua Mason. Everyone including me loves the guy. He and his wife have two sons. She's expecting any day now. They don't know if it's a boy or a girl.

Josh's ethnicity is Hawaiian and Samoan. On his iPhone he showed me photos of Polynesian wrestlers. I'd never heard of em before.

Have you?

Image result for polynesian wrestlers   This might be the one that Josh said looks like his brother. Josh is the smallest of the brothers. At first I thought he was black, but he told me, blacks don't have hair like his.

I really wanted this job. It's awful for a grown woman to sit around every day doing nothing but answering emails and talking to Newcomers on the phone. I so wanted to work with the elderly. Plus making money was something I desperately needed.

 Yum! The food looks great. They always offer me some but I always refuse.
Josh looks on. We've got baked fish, Raisin Brain, and manicotti.

 Cranberry juice. Just met the fellow on the right today. He's 89 and his parents are still alive!

Would you like a cuppa tea?

Music was playing, courtesy of Josh, who thinks of everything.

I got there at 10:30. Took half an hour to get there. Wore my boot.

During the time we had together the best part was watching for the Meteor Showers.

I told them to look up at the ceiling and imagine we saw them.

AND they did!

I was so prouda them for using their imagination, which we discussed a bit.

Here's the poem I'd wrin for them a time ago. Best to keep things like a poetry monolog short. I always give them a chance to interact and use their brains.


Is it my imagination or is this
a palace meant for kings and queens?

We all were once young,
We loved, we laughed, we danced
we swam in the ocean at the

Now it's time to rest. To relax
to sit in an automatic wheelchair
it looks fun! I'd like to try
it sometime.

Monday is the day I visit. I drive
from Willow Grove, once the place
of the great amusement park, where
we screamed on the roller coasters
and ate pink cotton candy smooth
as whispers of love

Today is a new day, a gift from
The Almighty. We remember the past
and give thanks for the remaining
days of our lives. We all have
meaning and purpose. Hallelujah!

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