Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Doctor Doolittle, make me well! Poem: Swimming with Mildred - To My Friends at Symphony Manor

At 12 noon today Scott and I will drive to my new podiatrist.... Bruce something... recommended by Freda and Bernie.

Hope is in the air.

Yesterday was the third time I worked at my new gig at the Symphony Manor where I run a group called Now and Then. Coincidentally, my late father started The Now and Then Shop in New Hope. It's where I met - and finally divorced - my late husband Mike.

Someone at SM asked me why I divorced him.

B/c he was mean to me, I said.

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So yesterday I set out for SM. My direx clearly say, Turn Right on Terwood and continue to Welsh.

What do I do?

Turn Left on Terwood and keep looking for Welsh Road.

Could my mind be befuddled from foot pain?

Whatever, I arrive there on time.

My group really likes me. Wrote a poem for them. Had a woman read it aloud and then I read it aloud making sure everyone could hear it.

This one Polish guy is crazy about me. Every time he sees me, he asks, Are you Polish?

No, I say, I'm Jewish but I love you anyway.

Told him I had a Polish BF

Image result for simon baniewicz   What a character Simon was!

Took me five yrs to remember how to spell his name and then I asked him to leave.

One of the things we talked about at my group yesterday was feet.

I make em think!  What's a foot doctor called, I asked. Some knew, some didn't. Look, you don't talk about something for a while and you can't remember.

I hobbled around and joked, Dyou feel sorry for me?  They laffed.

This morning I was emailing my friend Ed and I couldn't remember the name of Atul Gawande, the surgeon and writer for the New Yawker.

I told him I wanted to be a doctor when I was in the fourth grade. You'll be a good doctor, Ruth, said Mrs Hess, my teacher at Mercer Elementary. She moved that year to Scarsdale, NY. White haired, like I am now.

Chilly outside today. Ate my b'fast on the front step. Suddenly a female hummingbird came to the feeder which Scott had just filled with fresh sugar water.

She remembered us from last year. Can't post a picture as the last time I did so - 10 minutes ago - I had to write the post all over again.

Click here for fascinating info on the hummers.

Am writing an article on Aging for the Intell. Nearly done but I need permish to write about Mildred. Finally tracked her down to the swimming pool at her high-rise apartment bldg, which now has children.

Mildred is in our Upper Moreland Book Club. Nearby every day she meets with her friends at the pool and either swims or chats.


She grows tomatoes on the
balcony of the high-rise
just like my Walter did

We sat with her wonderful
friends in small chairs
or lounge chairs that
rested our over-65 feet

Come on in, Ruth, said
Elizabeth, who was clinging
to a "noodle" her legs
finely lined like
strands of tender

At least she has a
husband, I thought
I'd surprised myself
thinking of Walter
"the disappeared" as
I drove up, tears
stinging my eyes

Going slowly down
the watery staircase
legs acclimating
to the cold, I
watched Elizabeth
watching me
and took the plunge.

Walter and I poolside a couple of years ago before he disappeared.


Is it my imagination or is this
a palace meant for kings and queens?

We all were once young,
We loved, we laughed, we danced
we swam in the ocean at the

Now it's time to rest. To relax
to sit in an automatic wheelchair
it looks fun! I'd like to try
it sometime.

Monday is the day I visit. I drive
from Willow Grove, once the place
of the great amusement park, where
we screamed on the roller coasters
and ate pink cotton candy smooth
as whispers of love

Today is a new day, a gift from
The Almighty. We remember the past
and give thanks for the remaining
days of our lives. We all have
meaning and purpose. Hallelujah!

And now.... off to my upstairs computer to work on the Aging story.

Remember, we leave at 12 noon for the new doc.

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