Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"David in Love" published - Dr Verghese is guest speaker - Poem: Back Porch Roofers -

Image result for police officer I was shocked when Haggard and Halloo wrote to tell me they were publishing David in Love. They reject most of my work.

"Very good," they said and gave me the publishing date. Yesterday.

Read the story here.

One guy named Wally Ballew comments on it saying I don't normally read stories like this but was hooked.

Got the idea from my former client JP who has a love-hate relationship with a girl. Takes place in Bristol PA where I used to work so I know the territory a bit.

Last night I got a phone call from a woman who wants to come to ND. She would not stop talking. She said we have a daytime meeting in Norristown, which we don't have, and I wanted to tell her it's in Willow Grove.

STOP TALKING I said loudly.

My back porch roofers were here on this 91-plus day.

Bob Walmsley gave me a choice of shingle colors and I chose Red.

Postcard for Grace. Had to call my mom to confirm her birthday date - August 16 - and that she's 6. Double click to view.

I'm very sensitive about skin color. I think there's only one dark-skinned child here. But then we do live in a segregated society despite the 1954 Brown v Board of Education of TOPEKA.

Image result for brown v board  Wonderful photos if you goggle B v B.

Dr Cherian Verghese was our guest speaker last nite. He talked about the difficulty of treating bipolar depression. Seroquel and Latuda are good drugs if they work for you. 

A new placebo study will test out an intravenous Ketamine-like solution.

I recommended the test to my friend Ed, who painted my bedroom pink and my hall aqua.

He talked about the liver metabolizing most of our drugs. Are genomic tests helpful, someone asked.

No, he said. I agree, having known people who took the test but the meds were worthless.

Here's some Rio pictures I never posted. Simone Biles and teammate Aly Raisman. 

This is from a documentary. These are taken from the TV in my bedroom

BTW one false move on this laptop and everything is ruined. Due to my keypad.

Was going back n forth on the channels. The RIO commercials were outstanding.

Gonna do two things now. Take an enteric coated aspirin for my bad foot and gonna write a poem for FB.

It's 8 03 am now.

It's 8 14 now.


I'm told that if you drive down south
down in slavery land, you can see the
crushed remains of slave shacks
rotting wood the termites got to
and rooves where the crows fly
right in

I'm a lucky white woman
got a problem or two
like this damn bad foot
that keeps me hobbling

Today Bob and his roofers
came out to the house
them insurance people
told me I gotta get a
new back porch roof

Don't tell me what to do
motherfuckers, but I does
it anyway or they's not
gonna insure me no more

Nice men. Sweating. Drinking
water they keep in my freezer.
One guy's got purple Gatorade
like the athlete's drink.

I buy them some watermelon
four red hunks as I finish
up The Red Pony on my audio

It poured last night in the
wee wee hours. Ever heard the
rain coming down on a new
back porch roof?

And a red roof at that.
Ain't like no sound you
ever done heard.

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