Thursday, August 11, 2016

A hot day! Vietnamese Coffee returns to my life

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“Never married, attractive white female of child-bearing years, wishes a stable relationship with like-minded. guy. Classical music, art, boating, sports (tennis), please reply.”

That's the start of a short story that Twisted Sister will publish soon. I call it THE ROOT BEER FLOAT. I wanted a relatively innocent title b/c the central character, Danielle, is raped in the story.

I got the idea bc about 25 yrs ago I had a date with a rough man with no personality. Have no idea how I met him. He actually never touched me, thank goodness, but we did go canoeing and he had me doing the work of ten men.

See how every experience can be useful?

This morning I gave a talk at an assisted living facility. About a dozen seniors, men and women both, participated. I was in my element!

Image result for bea arthur   Bea Arthur. In fact, many of them just came back from the beauty salon.

 At my age, I'm always trying to make new friends. I like this one woman at our library and proposed we get together LAST week. She emailed me this morning.

"I'll see," said Linda.

Was dying to try a new Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Ben City. Andrew, one of the fellows who works there, told me it was next to Seven-Eleven.

I sat in the parking lot of 7/11 and it was no where to be found. Got outa my car and there it was across the street.

Even the water was delicious there. It was suffused with lemon, tho you couldn't see it.

On the roll below, I had a sunny-side up egg, ham pate, and something else tasty. This was an 18-napkin meal.
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I asked Hugh, thother guy, what is Vietnamese coffee?

My heart leapt when he told me.

Pho and Beyond, near Weinrich Bakery, STOPPED serving it as there was little interest in it.

"It's very strong," said Andrew. He brought over a teeny-tiny coffee maker which brewed the coffee as I sat there chatting with my new friend Kelly, who sat behind me - on her iPhone, she showed me her two  darling cats, one a tuxedo kitten - and as the coffee brewed, the sweetened condensed milk sat waiting.

 Rode me bike for 25 mins while reading Dinner with Edward, which I mailed to Sarah. Any idea what I should get her when she returns home from Rio?

It's official, roars the Times. Simone Biles is the world's best gymnast.

I'm hunkering down in my A/C house. It was suffocatingly hot today!

Stay tuned for Part Two.

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