Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Unstoppable - Tony Scott's last film - Trash Day/Throwaway Day - Poem: Wounded Car

Ethan thanks for the recommendation for the movie UNSTOPPABLE, Tony Scott's last film. He died of suicide after jumping off a bridge. The British director had a tumultuous life and his family believes he died b/c he was battling cancer.

Yeah, but but but.....

 Bad train on left, good train on right.... the little engine that could.... manned by heroes
Denzel and Chris Pine.

Chris Pine, I just learned, yes, Luddite moi, that Chris played Captain Kirk is a recent Star Wars movie.

Learned the word 'Luddite' from Larry Schwartz, my former shrink. Maybe I'll turn back the wheels of time, hire him as my shrink, and get bipolar d/o again.

No frigging way!

Drove my bashed-in car to O'Neils Collision in Hatboro, clanging all the way into town. Stopped at the PO first - thinking, OMG what if I crash again - and finding two checks for ND totaling $22. They're both from Merck and I have no idea who sent em.

Mailed them plus the chintzy receipts from last nite to my credit union. Hopefully the mail won't go by SEPTA. Wow, are they having problems, as Scott has known for years. You won't wanna miss my poem below. "Will you?" she said in a high squeaky voice.

Image result for crowded train

Mom was very interested to hear about Scott's experiences with the train. Since he works off-hours he has no problem.

Scott is feeling quite good two days after his esophegus enlarging procedure. Food goes down now w/o pain.

Hmmm, should I walk him to the train tonite?  Currently 90 degrees.


Today you go in for repairs
I shall drive you
bashed and battered
wounded battle warrior
with your Achilles door
and Achilles fender

In Hatboro, city of
gas stations, thrift shops
the post office - Hello Danielle! -
and McDonalds

They will build you a new
silver shield
to wield against
all the Mr Carters
that attempt
As always, we
shall win.

 Got my kitchen put back together again.
 Love these little rugs from Martha-Mart.
Will throw some of these yellow plates away. Bought em when I worked at Bristol-Bensalem Human Services, long gone. Got em at a Genuardi's and invited my young friend Greg Perri over to eat. My son Dan lived with me then.

Greg and I met at the Reading Terminal last September. He's also on my postcard list.

See the pen above on the purple Ottoman Empire?

Found it when I was cleaning out my bashed in car. They said REMOVE EVERYTHING. So I took off my clothes and removed every single thing from the car and found this pen, which still writes.

Is that emblematic for IF the drug still works. They do 'poop out' you know, these SSRIs.

I don't know anyone who's on Celexa.

Now if you'll excuse me, gotta take out my trash.

Also, I set a goal at last nite's ND meeting that I would submit The Red Spoon to the Kaleidoscope Lit Mag. Due July 31.

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