Saturday, July 23, 2016

Trump gets the nomination - Poem: Adirondack Chairs

My sister Donna was still here when Ivanka Trump introduced her dad as the next president of the United States.

So sorry, Ivanka, but I sure hope he doesn't get the nomination. 

We watched together upstairs on my bed. You could see both Trumps watching themselves on the monitors.

BTW, readers, it's not your imagination. I accidentally lost the entire post I spent half an hour on.

It's just words.

Image result for ms of famous book      Today I wrote one of my Facebook poems. Did my morning walk-around-block and saw white Adirondack Chairs. I repeated the phrase several times till I got home and then wrote the poem.


Yes, dear, I'll have the Bud Lite
in the cobalt blue bottle, and, if
you don't mind, a pack of cigarettes,
any kind will do.

Oh, Freddie, I don't want you
smoking again. Look what it
did to your throat just before

Please, Mary, I'm well aware. It's
just that I'm....

I know, I know, Fred, you're half
hysterical as am I at what our
thieving lying vain exhibitionist
son might do if he's elected
by the even dumber folks
who follow him.

Did you know, Mary, our son didn't
even know that Mein Kampf was
the German name for the famous

Mind if I join you, Fred, with the
beer and the cigs. I've got a
bad bad feeling all the way up here.


 Wonder what the co-chairman of my Hahnemann psych program would think about Trump. Where was he arrested in the anal - power - phase - and why. He was one of three children, which probly played a role.


Two nights in a row I spent at Barnes and Noble. I buy a drink to slurp up and grow a bigger swaying belly and I read.

Yesterday found a book with this, well, unpleasant title

Image result for assholes about trump

Let's review it together.

THE book, tho, that must be read about Trump is Art of the Deal, ghostwritten by one Tony Schwartz. Read this terrific New Yorker article here by the excellent writer Jane Mayer.

When I returned tonight I had injected 14 units of insulin before leaving home. It was necessary to eat something before I passed out.

First I headed toward Dairy Queen for a peanut buster parfait.

Sadly I couldn't find the DQ.  Had the aliens abducted it for scientific studies?

There was only one place to go to fill up my greedsome gut.

Barnes and Noble where I was the third in line. Got something new. Vanilla Bean Frapuccino with two shots of espresso.

Such language!  Shots!  Starbux is so successful they have their own language, which folks all over the world understand.

This time I read Lapham's Quarterly Journal.  Topic was LUCK.

Authors were Plutarch, Blaise Pascal, and Alice Munro.  Super great reading.

The heat is really draining. Watched a simply horrible movie today called The Tribe, made by a Ukrainian filmmaker.

Roger Ebert's stand-in put the film in perspective for me. It was as if the camera was turned on - and just left on - until the director yawned and said, Okay, I've had enough.

When I got home from "the gorge" I walked a bit up and down my street, just as I'd walked for 8 minutes in the B and N parking lot.

Those wonderful stars were blinking in the sky. I leaned against Scott's car - he's fast asleep - and stared upward - for soon the Orionid Meteor Showers will be out.

When Donna was here, I drove her to Kohl's to return something. I parked near the door and waited for her, having my usual fantasies when suddenly a new thought arrived!

Just about every day there's a new shooting somewhere in the world. Yesterday it was Munich. So, what if someone would start shooting now outside Kohl's?

I'd simply take off as fast as I could. Like I'm doing now!

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