Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Chocolate Air Stream Convertible - NAMES about Hillary et al

 On a nearby street, I passed this Air Stream trailer.

Let's find out about it shall we?

Just told Mailman Joe about it. 
After I walked Scott part way to the train station - it was like walking thru a fiery furnace - I told him I was gonna take photos of the Airstream. Pulled up, got outa the car and took a few pix.

A kid going into the middle school was outside playing. Barefoot. I told him I wanted to photgraf the trailer, which I did.

He told me he knew everything about it. Ring the bell of the people, he said. They just got home from traveling to Ark, Minnesota and Florida.

Where do they park it, I asked. He ran over to their driveway and pointed in the long drive. Basically, you're not allowed to keep em on the street or you get in trouble with the township.

About now his folks come out of their house. Nice people. I tell him, they came out bc they think I'm a child molester. Luckily they didn't hear me. We talked a while. His dad is a real sportsman, hunts deer, goes walking and bike riding.

The cute little 10-yo daughter comes out.

And there's the last of their three rescued cats under the SUV.
You know, there must be something to it.... lying under cars.

Meow! Meow! I love the smell of oil and burning rubber and a hot, but not too hot pavement beneath my long rescued
Dyou know what they were gonna do with me? Please! I don't wanna know.

Today is my writing group but I do not feel like going. Can you see me stamping my foot like a spoiled child?

I just wanna lay around, read, watch Netflix, and watch the silent leaves sway outside my window. Who knows? Maybe a hummingbird will fly by. The second one.

Dan told me to watch Stranger Things on Netflix. I did but after about 20 minutes it stopped!

It's made by the Duffer Brothers.

Called Dan earlier to get the name.

Yep, he said, and then Max's inimitable voice came on HI  BUBBY, along with a million other kids. A birthday party.

Sent out postcards today including one each to Grace and Max.

Look, I have a picture for you. btw, I told Mailman Joe that I saw a baby green praying mantis in my garden today, ran in the house for my cam, and when I got back it was gone.

Pay attention to the real thing and stop needing to photograph it.

Hold on. Here's the Bobby Rydell book I finished yesterday. As a lark, I put it on FB and on Bobby's site. He thanked me and signed his initials.... BR.

Scott's friend Paul B said he used to deliver BR's mail.  BR is a Philadelphia kid.

Wrote both grands plus Evie a childhood friend.

I said something very clever on Grace's postcard - no one will understand it - she goes to Vaca Bible School - which I referenced here.

I have a very important Q I wanted to ask my readers. It's about an audio book I'm listening to in the kitchen.

Very well reviewed, you know the story, but not terribly good. What should Ruthie do? I wanna know the ending but bc it's a crime fiction the reviews may not tell you.

Yes, I have decided. Remove it and put on your remaining book.

I am so hot and mungy now I have no feelings whatsoever.



Hillary, Bill, Chelsea
How'd you like our town?
So many new names to get
used to: Tim Kaine, his
brown-haired wife Ann,
Chelsea, her husband
Marc and their two young uns
Charlotte and fat-
cheeked Aidan

Put me to work. I'll
walk the neighborhoods
talk on the phone as I
did eight years agon
for Barack, whose name
we could barely pronounce
I remember seeing lunch pails
yes I do from construction
workers with his banner
written large

Where can I get me a
Hillary shirt? A harbinger
of the day in November
when the headlines proclaim
First woman president elected

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