Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Scott passes his two kidney stones - Poem: Eating Cherries in Bed

 Am making cream of spinach soup
The Lantana revived. It had wilted terribly in the heat.

Here's an email I sent to a dozen people two days ago.

July 26, 2016, Tuesday

Scott had excruciating pain at 3 pm yesterday - right after he peed - but wasn't ready for me to drive him to Abington hospital. We were pretty sure it was a kidney stone, his first ever.

We got to the ER at 5 pm. The worst position was for him to SIT. So he paced around the waiting room until they took him back around 5:30.

Finally they gave him an IV that stopped the pain - Dilaudid and Toradol. an anti-infllamtory non steroid

He had a Cat Scan that confirmed it was a kidney stone, 2 millimeters big, the size of a poppyseed. There were a couple more 'stones' inside his kidney which may or may not ever pass, tho chances are they will.

The doctor - Ennke or something like that - thought he looked 'yellow' - jaundiced - so they took a complete liver panel. Liver results are fine except his bilirubin is moderately high.... Scott thinks it's from his diet.... he eats a lot of spinach, which Scott found out when goggling is not good if you have stones

We left the ER at 10:30 pm and headed for a pharmacy, as the pain meds were wearing off. And of course the pain would return.

Abington Pharm is open until midnight so we went there to get his three meds, which he's currently taking, including Flomax which helps you pee.

His pain level is fine now. He'll call out sick.

Sunday and Monday are his new days off.

At the hospital we were in a 'warren' of rooms. There was a thunderstorm outside and the electricity went off for a few seconds.

I slept over his house and will check in on him shortly.


Bob's Home Improvement is doing a makeover on Scott's 1989 kitchen. Scott has great taste.
Today on FB, Einstein Medical Center where I had my kidney transplant, had an Ask the Doctor section about Kidney Stones.

A doctor who worked for Einstein, but is now out on his own, had a 50-min Q and A session.

Scott and I p' particated from the laptop in his bedroom. But I can't find the link to it.

Folks asked great questions.

Scott has immediately started his diet to prevent kidney stones.

From the Internet - Eat fewer oxalate-rich foods. If you tend to form calcium oxalate stones, your doctor may recommend restricting foods rich in oxalates. These include rhubarb, beets, okra, spinach, Swiss chard, sweet potatoes, nuts, tea, chocolate and soy products. Choose a diet low in salt and animal protein.

We don't eat much meat. I also saw Mary Ann Moylan, the Giant nutritionist this a m. She wrote down a healthy diet.

I was dismayed that he can't eat nuts. Scott said he'll probly continue eating them in moderation.

Am gonna go over his house now to see how he's doing. 

Heigh-ho  Heigh-ho, it's off to work he goes. He loves working.

Won't we surprise him by this blog post?

He walked through the little path behind my house to get to the train station. 

Below poem was written in Scott's bed while we were reading the Kidney Stone posts.

Time to watch the D N C  now. 

Very firm and strident opposition to Trump. So very needed.

I sat across the street with Nancy Myers tonight discussing the election.

 Spectacular speech by Joe Biden.

I posted about middle-class Joe on FB. "Ordinary people doing extraordinary things."

My sister Donna emailed me that Dr Jill Biden graduated from Upper Moreland High School, as did my son Dan.

 Impassioned speech by the former Mayor Michael Bloomberg who was not given a $1 million check by his father to start a business.
He and Hillary worked together after the 9/11 tragedy to get healthcare for the firemen and policemen. 

Said Bloomberg, since I'm from NYC, I know a con man when I see one.


Proust had his madeleines
Goethe his dried apples
Hemingway his flasks.
I have my cherries.

Only this morning I chose
a dozen plump cherries
from Washington State.
They traveled in the
back seat along with
their friends, the oranges
the eggs, the huge white
onion, laughing softly

The bedroom is cool as I
arrange the cherries in
a white and blue bowl
bring pink linen napkin
to mouth and munch.

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