Thursday, July 28, 2016

Part One - Last night of D N C - Nick of Specialty Flooring has a story - Poem: Ode to Dr Joe Venneri

How about if we listen to some Mozart until the Convention comes on.

I was driving today and a piece came on by Radu Lipu. Let's listen to him right now.

Can you hear him Marce?

When I heard the words Radu Lipu on the radio, I felt an incredible flush of nostalgia.

What was it? I turned off the radio to savor the feeling.

Radu, born in 1945, is from a famous city in Romania. He's Jewish so I'm wondering how his family made it thru WW2. He earned three prestigious prizes that brought him to the fore of great pianists.


Here's my friend Nick DellaGuardia from Specialty Flooring. Called him thother day and he told me a great story about a funeral.

He and his wife Sandy - I hope I get this right - went to the funeral of Sandy's father. He was 95. He had planned out his entire funeral.

The funeral was held at spectacular Lake Galena of Peace Valley Nature Center.

Image result for lake galena

They had bagpipers there -- click here for sound of bagpipes - everyone sat in chairs on the shore as a boat passed by with the old man's ashes, that were dropped into the water.

At the moment the bagpipers began to play, THE GEESE lined up at attention!

No one had ever seen such a thing before.

O D E   T O   D R   J O E

Hesy-Re stares at the river Nile
blue on this silken day
at the dawn of humankind
he taps his teeth, yes,
he, like his patients,
is long in the tooth
and not long for this
world. Are the deities
pleased? Has he
taught his students

I lean back in the
dentist chair, Dr Joe
in his blue scrubs
repairs a broken
tooth. Do it hurt?
Never. He's my man.
I listen, eyes closed,
to the sounds of the
Nile, the drill, the
water sucker, the
command "Tap tap tap"
the praise "You're
doing good." I beam
like the setting sun
on the Nile, as my
bib is untied and I
am released to the

A Starbucks frozen
drink is my reward.
He treats himself
with pizza, Joe's
from Hatboro.

Image result for dr joseph venneri dentist

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