Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ethan Gets a Notion - Partying at Nikki and Steve's in N J - Poem: Ethan the Adventurer

Went grocery shopping knowing the kids were coming in.

Carefully selected ice cream.

 Ben & Gerry's ... Stephen Colbert Ice Cream Flavor.
Then the next day, Ethan announced.

We'll walk to Bernice's house, said Ethan.

Are you kidding? sez I. All the way down Byberry?

No, he said, we'll take the back roads.


Pennypack Trail, says the sign.

 Got there in a little under two hours.


He comes from seafaring folk
along the jagged coasts
of Norway

O majestic fjords!

Did the frequent pounding
of thunder-storms on
moss-covered house tops
in the old country
imbue a rhythm
in his soul and the
soul of Mamma and Pappa?

He walks unafraid
down new paths,
walking stick in
hand to protect
his damsels against

He laughs
He tells stories
He entertains
He communicates
And did I mention?
He plays a "bad" piano.

 My sister Lynn arrived and good timing! She drove me to the Giant where I picked up Test Strips, then drove us to the Willow Grove Train Station where we waited a bit and then took the train to the beautiful Suburban Train Station.

 This wall is filled with plants. There's a name for it... the living wall? Gotta ask Beatriz. Thanks B.
 A coffee run from Ethan.
 Off to N J we go in Donna's white car.
 Donna's new house and garden additions.

Donna lives four minutes away from her daughter Nikki's house. And no one throws a better party than Nikki and husband Steve. Nikki is below with her half brother Josh. 
 I swam laps in their pool. Quelle fun!!!

C'est moi in the new nightgown Donna gave me.
 Marinated steak.... yum!
 Hard-working Steve.

Steve discovered a new band he really liked. There's always music playing in the background during parties.

Meet Nick Drake. The late Nick Drake. Dead of suicide. Manic-depressive. 

Music time.... and we danced!

Nikki's friend Maya, a yoga teacher, is there.

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