Saturday, June 11, 2016

Yoga Presentation by Jenn Bullock - Poem: My Big Backyard

Image result for jennifer bullock yogaInternet photo of Jennifer Bullock who gave a fantastic presentation today at The Willow Grove Giant Supermarket.

 Read about Jenn on her website here.

Jenn is a psychotherapist who incorporates yoga and breathing techniques into her sessions.  She has a great personality and kept asking us, Are you having fun?

Then she would ask us to smile. I was really having a blast. As always, many people said they would show up but didn't.... which was fine.... we always have the perfect number.

She just sent me the link to the Maya Angelou poem she concluded the program with.

Our gift to her were two Gerbera Daisies, one yellow and one orange.

Here's my Yellow Gerbera along with rainbow colors of sweet-smelling petunias.

Was glad to see Ed Quinn, who painted parts of my house. Meticulously! A Scrabble champ, he's also working on his book.

 Altho you can barely tell, he painted my boudoir a gorgeous shade of pink... like a cat's tongue. He and his buddy John Keck.
 Upstairs hallway is aqua. For the first two months I couldn't hang anything on the walls, but finally did.

This is my socks drawer in the living room desk.

Jenn's friend Barbara - Hello Tall Barbara - liked my blue socks. I finally remembered I bought them el cheapo at Modell's Sporting Goods in Willow Grove, PA.

A package of about 10 different colors.

Jenn wanted us on our mats at all times to protect our bodies from getting hurt and esp. our head and necks.

There were so many enjoyable asanas or postures.

Image result for yoga postures

Image result for yoga asanas

Image result for yoga asanas

At one point we all stood up - about 7 of us - and put our arms around each other's shoulders.

Then we balanced on one leg, using our neighbors to support us.

Jenn read one of her fave poems..... by Maya Angelou.... how we're all part of a community of the world.

Time to say goodbye.

Robin Franklin, the community coordinator, put out great healthy snax, including bottled water, pita chips to dunk in hummus, grapes.

As soon as I got home, my BF Scott, who was waiting for me, told me to hurry up. His best friend's son was having a graduation party.

Young Cole graduated as an electrician from Orleans Technical School in NE Philly. He's got a job and loves earning money.

Scott and I drove over. I was stuffed from the food at the Giant, but who can refuse delicious food?

Not I.

The house was packed! My fave foods were potato salad, which Mike Kramer made, and chocolate brownies his 87-yo mom/law made. I had only two.

Then it was off to the CAR SHOW at the Upper Moreland Middle School.

We strolled along looking at the fine cars there..... old Ford trucks, the Nash Rambler above, the Pontiac Firebird like the one Jim Rockford drove - an old sheriff's car..... and several 'Vettes.

 Am standing with my foot in my mouth - I mean,  on my ankle, as we did in yoga.
Here's Scott.  You can barely see my Buddha to Scott's right. Aqua. Spray paint.

My poem for the day on FB was


After the children moved out
with their fun-luvin ways
I thought, I, too, can
have parties in my
big back yard.

The Compass magazine
had just come out
I got on the phone
and invited my poet
friends, did they
like me enough to come out?

What a thrill having
the white-haired giant
Elaine Restifo here
driven by her entourage

Handsome Amadeus with
his bulbous nose
Another oldster who
drove over the clanking
Lambertville Bridge

A man named Craig whose
Poem for Janis decried the
horrors of a mental health
hospital, I knew only
too well

He arrived in a packed-down
station wagon that seemed
as if he were homeless
as many of us are

I myself am a poet without
a home, living in this
borrowed yellow house
until life's had
enough of me.

Like Alice, I'll
fall down the hole
- can you hear my
echoes of Johnny
Be Good? - and ask
that my neighbors
fill up the hole.

(She was considerate,
you gotta give her that.)

Read Elaine's obit here

Image result for elaine resifo photo

Elaine's River Magazine. She endorsed every single copy but alas she is no more.

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