Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Saving the Peach Tree - Saving my Kitchen Floor - Poem: Late Night with Jupiter - Poem: Mango Wheat Beer

 Very hard to see the dove's nest that Scott removed, once he was sure the two hatchlings had flown away. I put the nest beneath my azalea bush in case the neighborhood kids wanna see it.

Dozens upon dozens of two-inch long peaches are scattered beneath the tree.

Scott saw the squirrels' teethmarks in some of em, testing to see if they were ripe enough to eat. You should hear the invectives Scott yells about these rodents.

Scott was on a ladder for hours installing the chicken wire. I told him to double it, but he said then the bees can't get it. In fact, he was stung by a bee, who certainly hadn't expected to see a human hand in the tree.

See the wheelbarrow? My job was to remove all the branches with baby peaches on them and dispose of them in the lil woods behind our houses, w/o falling down the little cliff.

This was one of the hardest things Scott's ever done, outside his work setting at SEPTA.

 Nick, owner of Specialty Flooring, came out to look at my wobbly floor.
About a month ago, Scott got really concerned that it was sloping. Nick is sending a guy out tomorrow to take a look. The theory is that water has rotted the wooden boards beneath the linoleum. It may be seeping from the fridge even tho it's not noticeable.

Was cooped up inside all day so ate a salad at the Giant. After sitting down and seeing all the six-packs of beer I asked Ed, the produce man, who was working at the beer garden, to suggest a beer.

Free Will is made in Perkasie, PA. Hey, they're open till 9 tonite. Guess who's gonna like it on FB.

I told Ed I have some writing to do tonite, so instead of sipping on tea, I'll sip on this fruity, mango-infused beer. See poem at blog's end, which I just posted on FB.


Listening to the classical station
as I dug into my scrambled eggs, her
mystical voice captured my attention

Often I care not what she has to
say, she could be praising Jesus or
talking about Whoppers at the Burger
King, but this time I heeded her call

So it was that shortly before midnight
Scott pulled out his white telescope
set it up on the sidewalk, a convoluted
thing that looks like hanging vines
in the south

He bent down, his white goatee shining
under the starry sky and took a gander
at what Galileo's telescope had in
store for the two of us

There they are! Jupiter and its moons.

Though there are over 60 of them, revolving
at different speeds around their gaseous
beloved, he saw six or eight, then guided
my eye to the view

I assumed the position of a Sumo wrestler
tried first with my left eye, then with
my right.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

When next he looked they were gone. The earth
rotates, he said.

I was stunned. And felt like an ancient mariner
lying on a tossing deck of a world-weary
ship, longing for home.


Gonna listen to the news. Obama speaks in Elkhart, Indiana, where the economy is good, despite Obama, said the governor. Capital of recreational vehicles.



Mine's in a paper cup, a
coffee cup actually, with
a big head, a foaming head,
that settles slowly before
I take my first sip

A fruity taste, good for
picnics down at Lake Galena
sitting at a picnic bench
with friends and watching
sailboats flutter by

I'll drink to that!

And the rushing waters of
the rapids of the Delaware
that flooded into the wooden
caskets that brewed my beer

The taste lingers in the back
of my throat, like my first kiss
in high school. David said to
me, I like your muscular legs

Had he seen me back in Sumeria
in my leather sandals as my
husband, the captain, toasted
his latest victory over
the Barbarians?

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