Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Research on my short story about Binge Eating - Two short stories published - Saving Charlotte and In Pursuit of Happiness

 Very difficult to eat this crowded hot dog. I eat it over the high grassy hill so the critters can get anything that falls.
I'm setting the short story in this house for sale. It's a real beaut and overlooks the DQ. To find a house I simply goggled Houses for Sale 19090.

 Here I am at the top of the hill, a steep walk up and down, Jack and Jill.

A Pecan Mudslide is one of the best things I've ever eaten.

That RED SPOON is so exciting looking! Maybe that's what I should call the story.

Ain't it great we're brainstorming together!

So I'm standing there with my plastic cup and thinkin, If I want, I can only eat HALF of the sundae and throw the rest away.

But WHY should I, it's so delicious.

I've written much of the story in my head.... loads of description.... and temptation for.... Babette?

Perhaps she shall be named

The Mighty God!
The Everlasting Father! 
The Prince of Peace!

Oh, sorry, that's Christ from the Messiah. Listen here.

ANGELA..... how dyou like that name?

And, please, don't flood me with thousands of responses.

Page and Spine published two of my fave works, both fiction.

Saving Charlotte and In Pursuit of Happiness.

View em here

Here's the Doctor Nadler mentioned in the 'cat' story.

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