Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Heidi King - thanks for saving the day and getting me outa my house - Poem: Girlfriends

Heidi King chose this Ugandan basket. I had two of em sitting over in my chaotic house. Was so happy I could give her something since she brought me this striking piece of jewelry.

Am gonna find a place to put it right now.

How's this? On the lamp on my bedside table. Sarah and Ethan will visit in a couple of days so they'll see it.  A little angel hangs on the bottom.

Can't wait to see what it looks like when I turn the light on with my clicker.

Sarah and Ethan met me this April at Reading Terminal  for our Fifth KidneyVersity.

Old pic of Dan hangs downstairs in my family room. Taken at Gram's house.

Heidi King and her then-husband Jason King were Big Brothers and Sisters to Dan.

They were very adventurous and Dan always had a great time with them.

Heidi and Jason's son, Linus, just graduated from Temple University with a degree in Emergency Medicine. Heidi did an amazing job documenting it on FB.

She could be a reporter!

Before we hopped in her car to go out for lunch, we stopped over at our new neighbors. Ava is retrieving Charlotte - aka Chuck - from under the van. 

 Chuck and her sibling Emmet.
These puppies are getting used to their new home.... only been here for about four days.

This is a dog-luvin community. Kalie the Barker lives across the street, Daisy lives next door, Logan lives down the street, and the Massers, across the street have two hyperactive tiny dogs.

I love it!

 Here we are at Colonial Quy Bai a ten-minute drive.

Elaine Klawans and two female friends - Bernice K and someone else - were already chomping away.

This amazing soup has matzoh balls filled with goat cheese. Shrimp and yummy green things.

OMG... you know what they're playing on WXPN now?

I only have eyes for you by the Flamingoes. I am instantly lifted to Cleveland when I worked for my dad at Majestic Specialties. We went out to eat across the street, well, I think we drove, and this was on the jukebox.

Jukebox! What's dat!

But they all disappear from view... and I only have eyes for you.... cha bom cha bom

 Spring roll in peanut sauce.  Heidi got one too but in sweet chile sauce.
 When Ryan brought this to our table, I was full and had forgotten we'd ordered this last course.

We chatted and chatted.

Then she drove me home.

HEIDI, I love been driven, I said. It feels so wonderful to have someone take c/o me.

I felt like a baby or an old lady being driven and passing all this lovely scenery.

Gonna compose something right now


You know, Heidi, it is quite a pleasure
gazing into your beautiful young face, and
your long blonde princess hair
and those hazel eyes that have
seen more than you ever
imagined while growing up
in Glen Ellyn Illinois.

Boundary-hopper, you are
that person who considers
all people equal and when
we are with you, I feel
privileged, yes, I believe
I can do anything as your
love shines down, God-given,
I think this is what is meant
by Grace.

It matters not that you
don't know yourself -
neither do I - just that
your legions of admirers
gain strength and
equanimity by being
in the wide umbrella
of your arms.

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