Thursday, June 2, 2016

Good news and bad news - Kitchen Floor - Notes from Nazi Assassin published - Poem: Early Morning Walk

Thanks, B, for letting me know these purple native flowers are called False Indigo. She, of course, knows the Latin name.  Falsatto Purplato?  Nah, that's Italian.
 As you can see, I sit by the door so it's like being outside. My whirring fan cools me off so I don't have to use the A/C.

Found this tulip poplar flower on my walk.


Mysteries solved as
my feet patter around
the block. I find out
who's the early morning
honker! And why.

The trash men cometh
and bits of metal find
their way to new homes -
on the street.

I like things orderly
and toss the Stout beer cap
back in the green recyclable

These things take a beating!
Duct tape winds around
broken bottoms. At the top
of the street, the shiny lids
of garbage cans lie parallel
on the grass, beaming up
messages to the men on the moon.


 Afterward Scott and I drove to Whole Foods where he bought a few items and I got coffee. They have great coffee.

VERY SERIOUS SITUATION with my kitchen floor. Nick from Specialty Flooring in Roslyn, PA, sent out John.

 Luckily, Scott was home to help with moving the furniture.
 John and Nick and Scott actually thought I might fall through! The wood rotted on the bottom. It's like a piece of soft cotton, said John.

Help Help I'm falling!

Got a call from Don in Delaware my State Farm claim manager. I told him a public adjuster is coming later on today.

Scott reassured me everything would be fine.

Here's another Bad Floor Photo

 This is by the door leading out to the deck.

Read my story Notes from a Nazi Assassin.

There's a terrific illustration with it.

Onkar Sharma does a terrific job with Literary Yard. He said it took him so long to post b/c he was sick. I said, Be well! You are a very important person.

Nextly, I shall go outside and water my dacha.

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