Thursday, June 30, 2016

Car - Walnut Street Theatre - Sister Act - Tour of Broad Street, Part I

Koochie koochie koo.... baby preying mantis about three inches long on front door

Jeff the claim adjuster from State Farm came out to look over my car and assess the damages.

Before he arrived I got an early morning phone call about a client of mine who is not doing well. It was very distressing.

Reminds me of a book I just finished

Image result for breathing in air book   He's a cancer surgeon and must decide on a course of action with the patient. You go into deep focus and then go home to be with your wife and kid.

Craig Fisher picked me up and drove me to the Walnut Street Theatre - celebrating its 200th year - the oldest theater in the U S.

Craig is like the dad I never had. Oops, I used to have a dad but he died so long ago. There are certainly older men, Craig is 76, not all that old, who just know how to do things.

He's a great driver and we inched along Broad Street - hey, I was gonna say, Broadway - my granddaughter would've loved that slip up - in very heavy stop and go traffic.

I've driven with him before and feel safe with his driving. His wife Ingrid was unable to go.

Craig, I said, it's wonderful how the two of you are so 'into' culture.... concerts at the Kimmel Center.... and they also attend local H S concerts.

They have a real thirst for entertainment.

We were 45 mins early for the concert so we sat and waited in this atrium. A former board member of ND is the daughter/law of Jack Farber.  On the wall.

There was an adjoining eye clinic and people would come out blinking their eyes.

 At intermission I sat on a bench and snacked on my pretzels and peanuts. Gathering my courage, I went up to James, the croupier (sic) and asked for a tiny glass of water, which he gave me. I poured some change into the tip jar. Oh, he said, you didn't have to do dat.

Snacks were $5.

BTW, my laptop is acting up - as usual - so you may find some strange letters of the alfabet scattered throughout this post.

 Finale of Sister Act. Wrin in 1978, Whoopi Goldberg starred in the film, and may have produced it said Neighbor Patrick.

Quite good and thrilling, esp the finale, which was very exciting with great flashing lights and goosebumps.... they were mine.


Paint Torch by Claes Oldenberg, then 82, erected in 2011. Read Times story here. It's his fourth large art object in the City of Brotherly Love.

Image result for claes oldenburg           Let's give it up for Claes born in 1929.

 The Packard Building. Luxury condos.
Look at these tiny windows. Looks like a peon to bureaucracy. All the same. What then is the I M Pei Building downtown.

Look how much we learn together at 1o:07 pm when I'm trying to hurry so I can go upstairs and read.

Image result for i m pei building phila  Society Hill Towers.  I guess it was the block appearance that reminded me of Pei.

We enter the T U  complex.

Tho I graduated from there, I have no pride whatsoever in the school. Same goes for Hahnemann University, where I got my MGPGPGPGP.

Master, Goop Therapy and Goop Process.

BTW, I am being influenced by the new book we're reading for the Upper Moreland Book Club. My friend Elaine groaned when she told me about it. This morning, tho, I wrote her and Adam, book club leader saying how much I love it.

 Used to be Dropsie College. Its huge library is now housed at Penn.
Image result for december tenth book

Housed at Penn. 0

 train station. I took the train to T U.
scene over a bridge

SO. I walked Scott to the train station tonite.

Ruth, you gotta hurry, he said. I was exhausted from the show - I slept thru the first 20 minutes, darn! - and said, I'm coming, I'm coming.

Then sat down on the bench at the train stop and showed him my Playbill. He couldn't care less.

Coming home, I cut thru Keystone Screw as usual, and could not stand seeing all the debris its workers throw in the parking lot - their ear stoppers, par example.

With two huge sticks I picked up some of their CRAP and tossed it on the staircase taking them from their parking lot to their workplace. I also put some big sticks that management should clean up.

It will do absy no good, but I had to try. Again. Ten years ago, I put buckets there to use as trash cans.

There must be a word to describe me..... fool, certainly.... but something more specific.... send me a note if you think of it.

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