Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lunch at Ben and Irv's Deli - Shopping at Village Consignment Store - Poem: Little Murders

For lunch, met with John Krzeminski and Sandy Leggieri. They're part of a nonprofit - Trimonk Associates - that helps other nonprofits, even small ones, like New Directions. Small but mighty, I think of us.

Told them I spent 90 minutes this morning uploading the new June schedule for our meetings and events.For these tedious work, I told them I brewed some peach tea and listened to rousing music - a CD of Tom Waites - don't you luv Waltzing Matilda? - oh, well, I guess everyone has their own musical taste. 

 Click to enlarge. 

Sandy and John are quite interesting. Told them it was a pleasure speaking with them, they made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. They appreciated hearing that.

Gee, I hope we can figure out a way to work together. If not, at least I got a free meal out of it.

Scuse me a sec. I've gotta dip into my chopped liver I brought home.

Afterward, on my way to the car, I discovered the Village Consignment Shop.
Jan was minding the store since the owner was out as her child had poison ivy.

Really nice clothes. Hold on, I'll like it on FB.

I do not like buying clothes, I told Jan while I was in the dressing room trying not to look at my fat bod.

I asked her if we could talk b/c it was so boring. So we did.

Hard to see but I bought $57 worth of great clothes, including a little black dress that fit perfectly.

Where in hell am I gonna wear a black dress? And I am NOT gonna save it for my funeral. Maybe I can garden in it.

One person in New Directions said no matter how horrible she felt, she always got out of bed and dressed for the day, even if she returned to the bed.

I told John and Sandy that we welcome observers. If they wish, they can come. We had two lovely student nurses from Roxborough Hospital who attended.

At first I thought, oh no, they're gonna hear all about suicidal ideation, manic spending sprees, inability to find work, etc., but then I thought, Well, that's what we're all about. And we help each other with our  goals.

At the end of the ND meeting, our group said to one of the nurses - thother was in a different group - you will make a GREAT nurse.

Susan Rogers of MHASP sent a weekly email announcing various events. Told her I'll share it with our group. We have about 200 subscribers.

Sometimes a person lodges a complaint with our email server,  AWeber.com. When that happens, the complainer is automatically removed.... we think AWeber sends them to the Gulag or Siberia.

Susan Rogers had a website to click onto if you're a writer. Click I did. Advice was to write the first thing in the morning EVEN if you don't feel like it.

I do dat!  I force myself to write a poem before I eat breakfast.

You sit there and think. Hmmm. What interesting thing has happened recently... or what have I read...


As I drift into sleep
a cool breeze caressing
my green nightgown I bought
when Simon moved in

I hear it. Bolting upright
I run to the back porch
horrible sounds
sustained yelping
a horror movie
playing in the
little woods
behind my house

It's gotta be the fox
who struts like a prince
up and down the streets
unafraid, scoping out
his prey

Returning to bed
I pull the sheet
up to my ears
and turn on the
radio so I don't
hear the little murders
taking place behind my house.

BTW, the title is also a play and film written by the late Jules Feiffer.

During the day, all is calm in the little woods behind my house. In the dark, it's a story by Stephen King.

Scott and his friend Mike Kramer cleaned out Scott's garage. Mike has no garage so he keeps his things here. We have a neighbor who totes metal away in his truck, so on garbage day, he'll take all these metal things and get a bit of money for them.

Scott and Mike used to own a striping biz, you know, where you put down stripes in various parking lots. Sadly, Mike's former wife, a drug addict, embezzled all the money. Scott has a great job now, as you know, at SEPTA.

As union members, they make good money and Scott hopes to retire in 6 yrs, as he sez, while his health is good.

He's on vaca for two weeks now.

One thing he must do is put fine mesh around our peach tree before the squirrels get to them. Look how big they are already. About two inches.

 The empty dove nest. Find it in the middle above the green telephone wire.
Hello blogsters, says the Dove.

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